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Inclusive Charges 2009

111th Congress Senate
S. 49
Public Corruption Prosecution (not just for those used in the crimes) Improvements Act
Official Title: A bill to help Federal prosecutors and investigators combat public corruption by strengthening and clarifying the law.

Note, links, embezzlement of state funding includes grants ‘given’ to persons, in fact, themselves, operating as medial specialists, as directors, as military, as Veterans, in numbers, and embezzling all medial and fraud, drug fraud, or fly-by-night supposed ‘research’.

Introduced: January 6, 2009

(*Now, this supposed ‘improvement,’ is in 2009, with two more mortgage frauds, lab corp, direct felony lending, and Bill Clinton, Debbie Bush, Robert Bush, coitinued felony banking, payday loans, direct to John Honkaer, and felonies of ‘transferred’ over 50 more and 500 past slander, and while carrying out the assault and battery, poison injection, continued crimes with state employees discussing the crime, and ‘dismissal’ of their own court case, for crimes to present, with felony deposits, timed court crimes,  for three month to disable walking and attempted murder (in 2010 with federal injured witness with me)  assault, battery three months, putting out arrest warrants for myself and you will have all charges, since Leahy, and Biden, operating the crimes with Frank Genovese, ordering the crimes, carried them out to present).

Mar 12, 2009: Committee on the Judiciary. Reported by Senator Leahy with an amendment in the nature of a substitute. Without written report.
Added to calendar on Mar 12, 2009: Committee on the Judiciary. Ordered to be reported with an amendment in the nature of a substitute favorably.
Mar 05, 2009: Committee on the Judiciary. Date of scheduled consideration. SD-226. 10:00 a.m.
Jan 06, 2009: Read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
Jan 06, 2009: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Finance.
Latest Action: Added to calendar on Mar 12, 2009: Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 32.

Sponsored by: Sen. Patrick Leahy [D, VT]
Cosponsored by:
Sen. John Cornyn [R, TX]
Sen. Edward Kaufman [D, DE]

3/12/2009–Reported to Senate amended.    (There is 1 other summary)

Public Corruption Prosecution Improvements Act – Amends the federal criminal code to revise and expand prohibitions against bribery, theft of public money, and other public corruption offenses.

(Sec. 2) Establishes a six-year limitation period for the prosecution of public corruption crimes involving bribery, extortion, theft of government property, mail fraud, and racketeering.

(Sec. 3) Expands mail and wire fraud statutes to cover offenses involving any other thing of value (e.g., intangible rights and licenses).

(Sec. 4) Modifies general venue rules for criminal prosecutions to allow prosecutions in any district in which an act in furtherance of an offense is committed.

(Sec. 5) Reduces from $5,000 to $1,000 the threshold amount for theft or bribery involving federally-assisted programs and increases the maximum prison term for such offenses from 10 to 15 years.

(Sec. 6) Increases the maximum term of imprisonment for theft and embezzlement of federal money, property, or records from 10 to 15 years.

(Sec. 7) Increases the maximum term of imprisonment for bribery offenses from 15 to 20 years.

(Sec. 8) Increases to 10 years the maximum term of imprisonment for:

**Well, of course, those operating the crimes are using offices to given money from bank to grants, to congress, and for their programs, and drugs, and back to each program head, arresting them embezzling even more.

solicitation by federal officers and employees of political contributions from other federal officers and employees;
promise of employment made possible by an act of Congress for political activity;
deprivation of such employment for political activity;
intimidation to secure political contributions;
solicitation and acceptance of contributions in federal offices; and
coercion of political activity by federal employees.
(Sec. 9) Applies the prohibition against embezzlement or theft of federal money or property to government officials and employees of the District of Columbia.

(Sec. 10) Includes embezzlement or theft of government money or property as predicates for racketeering prosecutions and wiretaps.

(Sec. 12) Modifies elements relating to the crime of bribery of public officials (and with federal money–not even your own) and witnesses to:

prohibit public officials from accepting anything of value, other than what is permitted by rule or regulation, for or because of the official’s or person’s official position;
expand the definition of “official act” to include any conduct that falls within the range of official duty of a public official; # include a course of conduct involving multiple gifts, offers or promises designed to influence a public official.
(Sec. 15) Expands the types of perjury and obstruction of justice offenses for which venue lies in the district in which the official proceeding was intended to be affected or in which the conduct constituting the alleged offense occurred.

(Sec. 16) Authorizes appropriations for FY2010-FY2013 for additional Department of Justice (DOJ) personnel to investigate and prosecute public corruption offenses. (If not, refer to number one)

(Sec. 17) Directs the U.S. Sentencing Commission to review and amend its guidelines and policy statements relating to public corruption offenses to reflect the intent of Congress that penalties for such offenses be increased.

S. 103
A bill to require disclosure and payment of noncommercial air travel in the Senate

Introduced January 6, 2009
Latest Action: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Rules and Administration.

Sponsored by: Sen. David Vitter [R, LA]
Amends Rule XXXV (Gifts) of the Standing Rules of the Senate to require a Member, officer, or employee of the Senate to:

disclose a flight taken in connection with official duties on an aircraft that is not licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate for compensation or hire (unless it is owned, operated, or leased by a governmental entity);
reimburse the aircraft’s owner or lessee for the pro rata share of the flight’s fair market value; and
report to the Secretary of the Senate specified information about the trip, including its purpose and the persons on it (other than the pilot).
Declares that the fair market value of noncommercial air travel is the fair market value of the normal and usual charter fare or rental charge for a comparable plane of appropriate size.

Amends Rule XXXVIII (Prohibition of Unofficial Office Accounts) to prescribe the value for reimbursement purposes of the use of an aircraft that is not licensed by the FAA to operate for compensation or hire.

Amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA) to require a principal campaign committee disclosure report of such a flight by a federal office candidate (other than one for President or Vice President).

Excludes from the FECA definition of “contribution” any travel expense for such a flight if within seven days the candidate (or the candidate’s authorize committee) pays the owner, lessee, or other individual providing the airplane the pro rata share of the flight’s fair market value.


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