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September 25 2011

This is an account of multiple felonies and violent crimes, continued; Felonies listed are only part, in a continuation of violent crimes and felonies for banking and fraud.

Prosecutor, presently, Kennth Holtam@state.de.us

Federal healthcare oversight

Federal witnesses and all on video, files, to present and other witnesses

Elena Meyers (with other Meyers operating as banking in HSBC, federal pay accounts, operating embezzlement of all funding, trafficking kids and cocaine at same time with all agencies, operating from the bank, and as Veterans Affairs, Veterans Federal health insurance, 20 years and 15 years violent crimes, threats, threats to carry out harm and intent and crimes on son).
with Robert Bush, Debbie Bush, direct felony banking as WSFS management, HSBC, services operated directly to spouses work with his federal pay, death benefits fraud, a mortgage fraud and felony credit extension set up with Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese, Mark Bush, Elena Meyers premeditated (10 years prior and felony banking and payday loans with felony lending and assault and threats to myself and son daily with his witness and felonies on him throughout, having dimentia, lab corp taken and induced strokes during the felonies, felony banking with all services, insurances, direct from the bank;

United States Code: Title 18,CHAPTER 31—EMBEZZLEMENT AND …

United States Code: Title 18,CHAPTER 95—RACKETEERING | LII …
Interstate and foreign travel or transportation in aid of racketeering enterprises …
Violent crimes in aid of racketeering activity; § 1960. … U.S. Code Toolbox …

Title 12: Banks and Banking … Revenue Code of 1986 (Title 26, U.S. Code), the
Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 301 et seq

Escrow Services Fraud; Identity Theft ….
that the employer does not have any banking set up in the United States. ….
Pornography and Marketing ( CAN-SPAM ) Act, Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1037


Insurance Fraud Defense | Law Office of David Schwarz | Orange …
… Identity theft – Penal Code §530.5(a); Banking fraud – US Code Title 18 Section
1344; Insurance fraud – Penal Code §550; Mail fraud – Penal Code §530.5(e) …

Insurrection Act – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
334 of the Insurrection Act, giving the President authority to order the dispersal of
either insurgents or “those obstructing the enforcement of the laws.” The law …

Insurection and impersonating law, military with embezzlement and felonies of operating as police, orders to police by the same in banking and banking ‘federal pay’
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insurrection_Act – Cached – SimilarUnited States Code, 2000, V. 4: Title 10, Armed Forces, Sections … – Google Books Result
2001 – 1322 pages
10, 1963, 28 FR 9861, commanded all persons obstructing the enforcement of …
Revised section Sour ce (US Code) Source (Statutes at Large) 333 50:203. …

U.S. Code – Title 12: Banks and Banking – vLex
USC 12 – US CODE 12 – U.S. Code – Title 12: Banks and Banking – vLex: One
World. One Legal Research System. – Discover all the possibilities vLex offers to …


Title 18 – U.S. Code – Section 1344 …
Five Kinds of Bank Fraud – Title 18 – U.S. Code – Section 1344 Explained.
Violations of law at a bank or by using accounts of a financial institution

US Code – Chapter 41: Extortion and threats
FindLaw provides US Code – Chapter 41: Extortion and threats for Lawyers, Law
Students, etc.


PIERCE V. UNITED STATES, 314 U. S. 306 :: Volume 314 :: 1941 …
Nov 14, 2010 … Fraudulently impersonating an officer or employee of a corporation …. 32; U.S.
Code, title 18, sec. 76). It seems desirable to extend the …


Any falsified
information may be punishable by fine or imprisonment (U.S. Code, Title 18 Sec.

Impersonating an official, fraud, etc., etc., as nauseam. ….. For verification
, go to the U.S. Code, Title 28 – JUDICIARY AND JUDICIAL

On September 21, 2011, another call was made to DOJ, (at same Nemours) where Genovese crime family, Biden, BIll Clinton, and HIllary Clinton banking, with Robert Bush, are illegally operating as ‘sole court’ banking and crime, embezzlement; A phone call and a visit prior, as throughout the crimes, (Kenneth Holtam being in DOJ, as ‘prosecutor’ three years as Robert Bush, Frank Genovese ‘personal assistants’ to present embezzling all crime money with Joe Biden (in this case, with them over 20 years felonies). Susan Baldwin, Victims Division, was also emailed the felony documents (Eric Holder, and BIden had, certified mail on documents throughout and Eric Holder has embezzlement and all other charges under U.S. Codes with Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, banking together as HSBC and using federal money banking all ‘federal pay’ to present as ‘FBI’ and threats, illegally operating as ‘FBI’ and crimes of slander on both, operating over 25 emergencies, lab corp weekly throughout the felony banking and lending intended and threats by 2000 to myself and son in person to carry out violent crimes and over their chemicals, DOW, Nemours vaccines, by Dorothy Arpino, already operating the same crime.

Kenneth Holtams mail continued being ‘returned’ (with file theft from 1998, while working at Unviersity of Delaware and daily to present, felonies of intent, threats, and organized crime with theft of all files and put on Genovese Crime websites knowing of their crimes, as well as crimes on victims, on police and embezzling police department money with BJoe Biden, and his family operating felonies at present, still out of the University while carrying out violent crimes on us.
On September 19, Governor Markell was also sent mail with Kenneth Holtam on the continued felonies, medical fraud for violent crimes, using federal healthcare and ‘orders’ by Robert Bush, (threats to myself and son, during the felonies of timed over 7,000 overdraft fees by 2008, to lock myself up and ‘ordered’ by Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, during felony banking and lending directly to J Honakers employers, operating his employers (his Navy, federal healthcare over 20 years and for violent crimes, fraud threatened to be carried out), a felony 3,700 ‘due’ mortgage with thousands above his income after illegally moving us and billing 5,000 ‘due’ by 2009, with payday loans, all services in hundreds of forced overdraft fees timed by Robert Bush, Debbie Bush, Elena Meyers, Frank Genovese, with threats on the street being Mark Genovese, and Debbie Bush, with Robert Bush, from the banking timed daily am to pm banking direct felonies.

On September 23, Frank Genovese, felonies to present, using the court, with Robert Bush, G Bush, Debbie Bush (1990 to 2000 and violent crimes on son and myself and all being violent crimes and felonies under US Codes); timed mailing (R BUsh felony banking and services throughout operating Comcast, Google, banking and operating as agency from the bank throughout times his strokes, emergencies and supposed letters, calls, threats to us in person by Elena Meyers and threats to present operating crimes on son with Debbie Bush from 1996, his birth, and by Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, the ‘collect’ at the door to myself timing services cut off during thousands felonies of forced overdraft fees direct with all services, his lab corp, insurances from the banking), OnSeptember 23, they ‘deliver’ a notice for their mortgage fraud to me by the mail lady, at which time I told her again of the fraud and to deliver it on Saturday. Upon calling my husband, with dailiy felony banking to present, from the bank, they ALREADY CALLED HIM WEEKS PRIOR TO REAARANGE AND MAKE FRAUD MORTGAGES, OVER THREE TO PRESENT, HAVING NO FULL MONTHLY PLANS CAPACITY, PRIOR TO MOVING US AND OVER 15 LAB CORP, EMERGENCIES, THE SAME IN CRIME. I had already gone to the bank, and to present, hundreds of circles and phone calls for services, (from time of moving and felonies on John, already operating his chemical damage and dioxin after moving us, testing with his doctor, at each emergency to 2000, each nine months with BIll Clinton, Hillary, Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, Biden in crime the same, more lending, household, loans each time and all services in arrears and held at the bank; Frank Genovese has threats, felonies with Robert Bush, to present, and banking felonies threats to steal my work, my patented cash flow automated income and expense, with the same, being Robert Bush, G Bush, Elena Meyers, will be charged, and George Bush, attened the ‘tainted vaccines’ ‘lawsuits’ (Debbie Bush), during 1996, operating felonies to present, with Robert Bush felony banking, and Elena Meyers with Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, threats, and daily crimes and assault on our son with threats to us.

Again, three times, and with husbands witness to all crime throughout, while he cannot fully keep plans, all being felonies already operated for assault, felonies threatened to be carried out on myself and son by Robert Bush, Debbie Bush, Joe Biden operating felonies and embezzlement with Frank Genovese, Robert Bush (other Bushes, and August Bush, 70 Genovese attorney firms with Frank Genovese holed all charges at present and federal crimes, 20 years with embezzlement by Biden and family ‘arresting’ all others for their crimes, while continuing all crime, including mortgage frauds to 2000, and violent crimes with felonies daily holding us in Dover, with a 5,000 mortgage fraud to his work from the bank, American General Loans, and credit checks, lending above his income to present and threats to carry out the assault on myself with slander and on both, will be prosecuted including using the prosecutors to present as their ‘personal assistant’ with Frank Genovese ‘intellectual theft’ attorneys, ‘mortgage fraud attorneys’ ‘child task force attorneys’ as ‘payday attorneys’ as ‘injury attorneys’ as ‘drugs taskforce’ attorneys and operating as police, locking police up for deleting files throughout, firing police with Joe Biden, Bidens daughter, sons, Beu Biden and his family still at colleges with Robert Bush, Frank Genovese as ‘directors’ for all those ‘federal pay’ they will be banking and embezzlement of federal funds for all agencies to present, wherein including funding as ‘research’ for injury, violent crimes daily to present, and while at the same time, Elena Meyers, Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, threatened us daily operating as banking and as ‘social services’ already in crime and with the same, to 1996, on son, and to 2000, in 2006, again, Elena Meyers with Robert Bush, erased sons medical records and to present, with assault and battery daily by Frank Genovese threatened to myself, with her, and threats to John Honaker in 2006, wherein they carried out to present, felonies and billed daily 11 years to federal healthcare from the bank for crimes on our son and called the home to present dailiy, and from UD labs, Debbie Bush, Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, with family members, putting us and my son on ‘study’ lists and biological, injury, weapons felonies, with assault, injury, writing down ‘inactivity’ in 2006, after timing credit and theft of John Honakers federal pay.

Letter per below again, to Kenneth Holtam and a visit to any DOJ, or the ‘investigative’ division throughout, while having DE state police affidavits by both, myself and husband on the felonies of threats to carry out felonies and continued with Mr. Bishop, Delaware State police in 2007 again.

    Notice of Felonies to present,
Susan Cameron HonakerSusan Cameron Honaker Family 4693 Kenton Notice is hereby given of all organi…
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Message-ID: <CAEhUHAaSe4g3EEbj7m+hs8fB67unB2H7o(cut)Subject: Notice of Felonies to present,
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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Susan Cameron Honaker <scameronhonaker@gmail.com>
To: <Kenneth.holtam@state.de.us>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 19:14:28 -0400
Subject: Notice of Felonies to present,

Susan Cameron Honaker
4*** K***** Road
Notice is hereby given of all organized crime and arrests will be made on those below, including ‘orders’ to police to delete files, by Frank Genovese, Robert Bush and arresting police to present but operating felonies below and operating as investigative division’ banking all crime and with proesecutors and all DOJ, Carl Danberg, Commissioners, Victims divisiona nd all used in crime including with police affidavits, orders during attempted murder, with certified mail on felonies in 2008 continued to present. Felonies under all US Codes, banking Section 18 criminal section and charges with arrests including operating as ‘investigative divison’ by Frank Genovese, Genovese crime family, Robert Bush, Joseph Biden with BIll Clinton, operating crime and out of UD prior and to present with family members, threats out of Nemours by Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese, Other Genovese crime family from WSFS, with Robert Bush and out of Nemours illegally making phone calls from the banks and all felonies listed:
Biden in crime listed below, and on our documents with assault, felony banking.
Felonies of threats and violent crimes to and on Federal employees, banking, mortgage fraud and embezzlement, direct mortgage frauds, felony banking and healthcare theft of federal money by Hillary and BIll Clinton with Biden to 2000 and daily violent crimes to present, with all US codes and obstructions, attempted murder, injury and to son.
Biden felonies to present operating crime and with federal money, and Frank Genovese (70 attorneys banking all crime, federal heathcare and all arrests, trafficking, felony banking and mortgage frauds with Robert Bush, August Bush, during 2000 and assault, battery and threats to present, with Bill aqnd Hillary Clnton, under all US codes, felonies, mortgage frauds, and theft of federal money for crime, theft of federal money and use of court for felonies of assault to 2011, during felonybanking, injury and by slander threatened to be carried out including known medical condition of John  A Honaker already in crime, and all on documents)
Felonies billing directly for assault and battery and felonies from 1989 to 2011, with 15 years assault on Susan and son with John hoankers medical condition by R Bush, G Bush, Jr., Hillary clinton banking togetther HSBC, all other loan companies and direct WSFS with all other crime
Oprating as police and as FBI to present, will be arrested including assault on Susan in 2010 continued with police witensses and John Honaker as witness, claims ‘her husband is helping us,’ thorughout, along with federal witnesses and slander on JOhn Honaker already in crime from 1990 to 2000 with the same.
US Codes, threats and violent crimes with felony banking and lending daily
Frank Genovese, felonies operating as WSFS with Robert Bush, HSBC, lending and payday loans (Payday fraud arrested again in 2006 by BIdens office banking all money with Frank Genovese, as all other crime while operating with Frank Genovese, Robert bush in cirme to present and on son from 1996, conitnued)
   Genovese, Bancorp, comcast, google and file theft to present, premeditated all crimes on documents and threats to carry out surveillance, assault, with Dorothy Arpino, Bill Clnton banking and trafficking with Frank Genovese
BIll and HIllary Clinton and Biden operating crime as HSBC, Midland, household and 18 other lending companies with Robert Bush, G Bush, Jr. all crimes on children out of Nemours and banking all crime out of Nemours operating direct felony banking and lending, pharmaceuticals in Bush ‘grants’ and all crime, federal healthcare fraud banked by Robert Bush, Hillary Clinton and Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese, Genovese and Debbie Bush, other Bush “witches’ operating crime out of Nemours prior and arrests by Biden while banking the crime money to present and continued crime daily
11 years, threats to carry out assault, slander on Susan and theft of business, daily over 50 threats and slander on documents, with direct felony lending to John Honaker and assault timing thousands in lending, emergencies, and John A Honaker sitting daily at home or circles, from 1996 having a medical condition, the banking felonies to present being felonies in themselves, and with other witnesses, assault and firing of police, witnesses, of which are not even needed being felonies in themselves
Threats with those listed, to Susan and son, with mass collections of John Honakers over 18 lending companies in 2000 with the same in crime, Elena Meyers, out of UD, with Robert Bush, Biden operating crime with BIll Clinton, Frank Genovese; and known medical, nonabsorption vitamin B, lab corp, emegencies collections for their felonies and Midland Mortagage operated by Bill Clinton, Bush family members together operating John Honakers loans, emergencies and felony banking, services in arrears with more loans and loss of total montthly complex memory with task oriented and already at time of federal National Security retirement from 1989 with over 18 lending companies by Robert Bush, For assault on susan, son by 1996 January emergencies and more lending to John Honakers work, with threats out of Nemours by Frank Genovese, Robert Bush and from UD phone calls to present and assault and battery on Susan and son during over 300 days felony banking and lending with three mortgage frauds by Frank Genovese.
Documents, in 2000 and to present, threats to Susan in person to steal all patented cash flow book (monthly and all living expenses totally automated with over 100 times in four months, John Honakers dimentia known, circles from teh bank, all felonies with services, electric direct with felony lending daliy by F Genovese, Robert Bush and felony payday loans with credit, credit checks, overdarft fees and lending by RObert Bush directly in John Honakers business park) and ‘intellectual’ work, and threats over their former crimes and trafficking purposely set  up at 19 S Kingston Road, and threats and assault to A Henderson to present, while BIden ‘arrested’ FBI, with BIll Clinton illegally using FBI and agencies, federal healthcare fraud with Hillary Clnton, HSBC, banking, Midland felonies, embezzlement and bank robberies with BIden to present.
Debbie Bush, Elena Meyers, BIdens daugther with frank Genovese, from the bank operating as Nemours in crime and phone calls to present, felonies operating and threats to operate slander on both Susan and John A Honaker for assault and crimes on Son to present daily during over 7,000 overdraft fees banking daily by Robert Bush, with Frank Genovese and mortgage frauds timed and threats by Elena Meyers already in crime with them while paying off his loans by the same in 2000 and while working at UD to 2011 with Bidens family members
Bush Pharmaceuticals and Genovese drug stores
Frank Genovese, felonies banking direct felonies with BIll and HIllary Clinton and out of Nemours Building to 2000 and to 2011
Robert BUsh, Frank Genovese felonies with
with Elena Meyers threats to John Honaker during timing from the bank and erasure of sons records, with over 50 added threats, slander, assault, battery daily on Susan and son with over 300 days timing thousands in overdraft fees, with Frank Genovese from WSFS, Robert Bush management and all services in hundreds of circles, cut offs, and threats to carry out the assualt with three mortgage frauds and billling 5,000 ‘due’ with thousands in lending direct from Robert Bush, from American General, HSBC cash cards, Citi Corp (during 05, and 06 January set up a new mortgage put into arrears with citi laons and to 2011 each year thousands more during strokes induced and being felonies directly with John Honaker to 2011 daily continued).
With over 5,000 counts felony slander  and by phone, on Susan and John A Honaker for assault and battery on Susan and son and a current mortgage fraud with felony banking daily timing no money and payday loans for groceries, lending above his income already in 2006 and a 3700 ‘due mortgage’ with ‘orders’ to police to lock Susan up,threats daily from 2000, to 2011 as such with Dorothy Arpino (Fox circle, Bear and prior during trafficking with Robert Bush).
Theft of files online and while working at UD with all files to present, and on video, and threats to carry out assault weapons, by Frank Genovese (with Bill Clinton, BIden, frank Genovese out of UD to present, and chemicals operated by them and banked by Bidens office on documents, including threats over DOW and chemicals on John A Honaker, and crimes on son, also to present, four times, Robert BUsh, ‘grants’ to present, with Frank Genovese, Elena Meyers, criminals with Bill Clinton, HIllary Clinton, Genovese crime family ‘grant’s’ out of Nemours for deadly drugs, tainted vaccines, chemicals and out of Cheswold Airport, biolgoical and weapons, molds, deaths ‘arrested’ and banked by Bidens office. Airport in Cheswold ‘lawsuit’ setting up Frank Genovese, comcast, surveillance via radar and air with BIden and using AIr force money trafficking with and and as FBI to present, drug trafficking, weapons and onboard microwave, radar to present.
20 years felony banking, lending and over 18 loan companies by Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, Bill and HILlary Clinton, and operating John Honakers Federal Healthcare, illegally, WSFS local banking felonies, all services by Robert Bush, RFID, NASA and Satellites, air, aviation, Comcast and out of UD with more strokes, loans and John Honakers known condition with BIll Clinton, Hillary Clinton theft of federal money, theft of federal healthcare fraud and violent crimes, embezzlement by 2000 of all crime and set up as FBI with crimes on John Honaker to present transferring felonies as ‘FBI’ also
Threats in 2000 with Frank Genovese banking, Robert Bush (and to 2011), with BIden trafficking cocaine and threats in person over 2 hours in 2000 to myself, Susan and son, since John Honaker, already could not plan, follow any and had strokes with over 18 lending companies and felony banking, by RObert Bush, Frank Genovese, and Bill and HIllary Clinton with his National Security, CIA, Vietnam (undisclosed prior to marrage and each nine months felony banking, more loans, strokes with Strokes on friend, Ruth Chapman, Air Force Employee at only age 28 to present felonies on her, and crimes on son out of Nemours).
Felonies to present, DOJ under ‘Nemours Childrens’ and 15 years on documents, with threats to carry out all crime from UD and while working there, by Frank Genovese, Robert BUsh, with BIdens family members illegally operating all federal funding, federal heatlhcare fraud, trafficking and on AIr Force Board, obstructions known by Biden with Hillary and Bill clnton and theft of federal healthcare fraud, felonies daily to present of felony lending, felonies extending lending to John Honaker not qualified for and during payday loans and over 7,000 overdraft fees, three mortgage frauds, phone calls to his employers with his witnesses and on lab corp, emergencies induced, while writing down over 500 counts by Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, and Elena Meyers, during assault, battery to 2011 on Susan Cameron Honaker, John Honakers condition of which are felonies in the first place and threats to carry out violent crimes by Dorothy Arpino out of UD while working there in 1998.
Felonies of assault and battery to 2011, on Andrea Henderson, honors grad, for reporting them set up (Biden arrested FBI, illegally operating as FBI wth Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, G BUsh, Bill Clinton felony banking and cocaine and child trafficking to present, with Robert Bush robbing banks with police) and threats in person at the time.
I will be with federal witnesses, and others with arrest warrants, and which includes, the charges, felonies, and felonies blocking the investigative division, by Biden with Frank Genovese, Genovese crime family, Robert Bush to present, with HIllary and BIll Clinton and trafficking, banking and violent crimes; Felonies of threats and collections for their crimes by 2000 with 11 more years and daily felony banking and assault; of which witnesses, including John A Honaker, being National Security and BIll Clinton holding his Mortgage and over 10 emegenices prior, with Robert Bush, banking over 18 lendig companies, with Biden by 2000 and arrests for all banking, mortgage fraud and embezzlement by BIll Clinton, and operating as FBI trafficking cocaine, with Genoese drug stores, R Bush operatingt as felony banking, WSFS, services frauds, comcast, etc. WItnesses with biden and filed in NY, during 2008,  are not needed to arrested Joseph BIden and/or with all felonies and charges, Frank Genovese, Genovese operating with Biden out of UD, all crime, medical fraud, trafficking and WSFS, dialy felony banking and lending, three mortgage frauds, and assualt and battery on john A Honaker, attempted murder, threats to carry out violent crimes with John Honakers medical fraud, assault with Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, operating Comcast, Google, Satellite and with Hillary and BIll CLInotn all with federarl money ‘arrested’ four times again while trafficking cocaine as FBI, using police in drugs during and orders to police and blocking investigative division by Biden operating crime, and drug frauds, medical fraud, and through all agencies.
Arrests and charges, under US Codes to present, all felonies and US codes, with felony banking, threats, and ‘lawsuits’ for HIllary Clnton, by Frank Genovese with BIdens family members in crime, illegally using the court, felonies, banking, and illegally operating ‘orders’ to Proesecutors; D C Weiss, to Police (and arresting them, includin telling police in 2010 to arrest Susan Cameron Honaker and that they are ‘new world order.)
billed’ driectly for mortgage fraud, assult, injury, by Frank Genovese, Biden operating crime and banking all crime wth Frank gneovese, Genovese attorneys, using prosecutors and known crime certified mail with felony banking to present, daily, and three mortgage frauds, direct felony lending, services, and all felonies with the money ‘banked’ by Bidens office, HSBC< Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, from WSFS, HSBC, with Biden, BIll and HIllary Clinton and felonies of office with federal money banked with felonies, daily to present from the bank and all crime using the court for felonies to present, by also Frank Genoese, Biden, Robert Bush, Bush ‘witches’ with Genovese crime family attorneys, August Bush, operating crime and banking the money with conitnued felonies daily, including threats in person to crary out over 5,000 counts assaullt and battery (11 years on documents) with slander alone and by ‘orders’ around and obstructions to law will be charged with injury to our family, Susan Cameron Honaker, our son, and John A Honaker, with Frank Genovese, R BUsh also operating his medical, strokes and felony lending daily now, with felonies from Nemours and deletion of records, to daily threats by Elena Meyers, Frank Genovese, from the bank and threats to carry out all fraud, medical fraud, assault with direct billing by them, and by Robert Bush, with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and ‘lawsuits’ by Biden while using the court for the crimes, slander alone and on both Susan and John Honaker while timing his strokes, felony banking daily to present, above his income during daily felony banking to present, assault, phone calls of slander and felonies ‘transferred’ and on video, documents, by Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, from banking while timing over 300 days no money, no gas, thousands forced overdraft fees and felonies timing it with threats to Susan and assault and battery daily and threats to Susan and son for that reason to 2011.
Banking embezzlement operating as ‘criminal division’ and obstructions to all victims while banking the ‘arrests’ to 2000; and violent crimes to 2011, from 1996 with felonies daily including by federal healthcare fraud with Frank Genovese illegally giving orders to police and operating as police, felony banking, lending with Robert Bush, Bill Cinton, HSBC, and as WSFS mangement, felony services fraud and payday loans, with over 20 strokes and emergencies and being felonies.
Threats to Susan and son during 2000 and assault and battery to present, felonies illegally moving Susan and son for assault and battery, with three mortgage frauds, HSBC, Robert Bush, wtih HIlllary and BIll Clinton daily to present, Robert Bush, operating with Frank Genovese, as WSFS, daily felony banking timed felony mortgage in 2006 with Elena Meyers, a over 1800 mortgage with citi loans, payday loans, already above John honakers income and threats to carry out all crime, felonies on Susan and son daily, timing from the bank, felony lending, credit checks to 2011 daily with all services, mortgage put into arrears with timed, lab corp weekly taken and felonies via healthcare phone calls on John Honaker already knowing and operating crime from 1989 to 2000 by Robert Bush, Bill Clinton with his Navy, national Security and timing a mortgage above his federal pay, operating ‘federal pay,’ and arrests of police to present with orders to police to carry out crime by Biden and Frank Genovese.
A mortgage fraud immediately put into 3700 and daily felonies timing payday loans, credit extension, to 2011, two more mortgage frauds, and assault and battery going around police affidvits, and ‘orders’ by Frank Genovese, Biden, with Elena Meyers in banking crime to 2000 with Robert Bush, out of UD labs with Frank Genovese, Bidens family in cirme, Beu Biden, Ashley Biden in crime as social services and BIden illegally on all biological, microwave, satellite, weapons and air Force weapons board, illegally with BIll Clinton, Frank Genovese, Peter Genovese and Robert Bush.
Arrest warrants will be made; Joseph Biden operating crime to 2000 with Bill Clinton, operating as ‘investigative division’ with embezzlement, federal healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud, banking felonies, and services, energy, with Felonies on Susan Cameron Honaker, and John A Honaker, his mortgage and felonies to 2000
20 years, Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Biden ‘banked’ arrests and felony lending, HSBC, Midland Mortgage, Robert Bush, HSBC, felony banking and services, with JOhn Honakers federal healthcare fraud
five federal employees, including JOhn Honaker with threats, felonies on both, to Susan and son and injury from 1996 to Ruth Chapman, Air Force
Assault, battery on Andrea henderson to 2011, Social Services, honors grad, and to 2011


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