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Persons operating in crime 15 years felony banking, lending, and violent crimes, fraud and continued 12,000 in payday lending felonies with all certified mail; Each operating as court, nemours, hospitals, as and with attorneys, as employers, as federal healthcare, as agencies, Veterans Affairs, as life insurance, and as local banking illegally, pay accounts, Racketeering, bribery, felony banking, narcotics trafficking and guns with each Bush family member directly in gun clubs and operating as FBI, Court, Police, Fire and all grants, state and federal theft, banking with life insurance, lab corp, and property frauds with threats and intent for violent crimes continued.
G Bush
Robert Bush
Debbie Bush
Alan Bush
Hillary and Bill Clinton
Joe Biden, Beu Biden, Frank Biden, operating crime and illegally put on Air Force, Raytheon, Nemours weapons by Bushes, Bill Clinton felonies to present and child crimes, narcotics trafficking and arrests of police for deleting files throughout from 1996 violent crimes, embezzlement of all state services, grants, and banking felonies, fraud, felonies of threats, with Bush family members operating as DEA, gun club members with Bill Clinton during banking as local bank and police, teachers, unions and all federal pay accounts while arresting every single person again on listings, agencies and hired illegally by Bush family members, Genovese, and the others listed in child crimes with Bush transvestite and gay women, men, Bush gay judges in child crimes, and some married all in child crimes.
Premeditated and threats to carry out violent crimes;
Each person is operating all crimes and under US Codes criminal charges are the US Codes;
Violent crimes, and all felonies, felony banking added i just 6 months with Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese, Mark Bush, other Genovese.
All Charges and felonies including funneling money in 2008 by Bill and Hillary Clinton to Poe Attorneys are felonies.
G Bush, Robert Bush operating from local banking with Debbie Bush, those listed; as WSFS ‘branch management’
Bill Clinton, operating prior to marriage with Robert Bush, each Bush in the crimes, Johns Pentagon, National Security, Vietnam (Rescue and Special Forces out of Washington), CIA, Navy Submarine, (operating money to themselves), Midland Mortgage and 18 lending companies undisclosed, continued felonies while paying off his loans (all documents), taking more loans and of the same paid by Susan (Cameron) Honaker, and already operating crime. At no time, but financial planning and with over 25 years mangement, education, does Susan have any loans and has to remake financial plans each nine months, with John having emergencies and three in which to begin and only more spending, loans, with all services operated by Bush family members, and Robert Bush banking with them as local banking, with boat loans WSFS, also; his Navy, Pay accounts, Retirement operated, with Life Insurance, and over his income in loans. Felonies of operating felony lending with his emergencies, lab corp, operated by G Bush, Robert Bush, Debbie Bush, Alan Bush, to present the others and collections with attorneys, lawsuits as listed.
1991, 1993, 1994, G Bush, Bill Clinton, held mortgage in Johns name from the 1984, each month with embezzlement (arrested by Joe Biden on weapons board illegally in crime) with more Household loans over 3,500 in 1993, with emergencies, and all listed.
1996; John retired in 1993 with more loans only watching television, no plans, no activity, after emergencies and went to Approved Equipment, operated with Bush Bros.

During 1995, prior to another emergency from work, passing out, light strokes, and Ruth Chapman, friend over 30 years, given strokes and brain concussions, Bushes operating it to present and her memory loss, with more strokes, as “Veterans Affairs” with those lised involved and all felonies to present;

JOhn went to Work for Approved;

Johns employers 1996, CCCS, Midland Mortgage, WSFS, boat loans by Robert Bush, Bill Clinton and those listed, G Bush

Truck Driving Jobs in Delaware – Truckingjobsin.com
Truck Driving Jobs in Delaware – Truckingjobsin.com

http://www.littleleague.org › Little League Online › League Officers
… George and Barbara Bush – Parents of the Year Award · Volunteer of the Year Award · Urban Initiative … Approved Composite Bats – (2 5/8 inch barrels) · Approved Equipment & Merchandise …. 3/1-4, Regional Round Table, Wilmington, DE …
Stephen D. Keener Bio
http://www.littleleague.org › … › Media › Non-Wood Bat Facts
… George and Barbara Bush – Parents of the Year Award · Volunteer of the …
Note the date, they are illegally threatening myself and son while working at UD in 1998, and during continued emergencies of John, Collections, lawsuits, and serious memory lapses on lab corp, and chemical damage by Bushes, on the lab corp, total nonabsorption vitamin B causing dementia, with total blood chemical mixup.
NEWARK, Delaware (DE) Political Contributions by Individuals …
NEWARK, Delaware (DE) Political Contributions by Individuals …… Mr. Marc Ham (Flapdoodles

Inc.), (Zip code: 19702) $1000 to BILL … Seni), (Zip code: 19711) $1000 to BUSH FOR PRESIDENT INC on 01/26/00 …. (Zip code: 19713) $250 to HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON FOR US SENATE COMMITTEE INC on 10/27/00 …
Bill Clinton, Hillary operating more household loans, Bushes operating CCCS, we discussed savings which I myself, Susan, set up for our son (threats to present, shooting at myself and son and they will go to jail, see each Bush family member operating as gun store owners, Bush Bros, Gun Club members with and as DEA, FBI themselves narcotics, through air, aviation, Bush aviation)
Discussions throughout of John not being able to follow any plans through, having to remake all plans, education, work, at each time, being felony banking, lending, for crimes on myself and son premeditated, during discussions and during pregnancy in 1995 February. John only watches television, as they make all transactions illegally including life insurance, retirement accounts, auto insurance taken back to the bank from plans, with calls and checks from Bushes banking, and operating services felonies at the bank, Comcast, auto insurance, and Electric, federal healthcare fraud. John’s loans are put on CCCS, and by January emegencies he has more circles, memory lapses and testing by Dr. Hill at each time (and to 2007, over five induced emergencies to carry out violent crimes and being felonies taking thousands in lending and an HSBC mortgage fraud made three times by themselves).
Bush family members, Clinton has all charges to present, setting up drug cartel cocaine with Bushes, while at UD, and D Arpino used to threaten msyelf,having my own bank account, a patented cash flow discussed, and operating thousands in lawsuits to John Honaker, local banking, his employers, threaten msyelf and son to carry out violent crimes with my sons savings having to be sold and for Johns collections, BUsh operating Citi, Bank America, Avco Finance, over and above his income for felonies and threats to myself and son for that reason, life insurance with Citi Corp.
Right now, adding to over 12,000 in payday loans and operating his employers, all felonies and by Bill Clinton, narcotics trafficking at all places with threats daily and slander, threats during five emergencies and continued felony lending purposely will be arrested. All crimes with notations and felonies on documents, video, and John already knows they operated threats to myself, son, and operate his employers, and threats to him by Debbie Bush, Elena Meyers, all persons involved over 15 years and crimes daily on our son, with slander and threats to myself and son in person to carry out the crimes; Bush operating state to state with Debbie Bush, in child crimes at schools, and on students in colleges to present, with victims in this case, sales of kids with Bushes operating as judges are felonies in each state and premeditated threats to destroy myself as a mother, to take all from us, to take all ‘intellectual’ work, to carry out violent crimes while no loans are ours, threats over their DOW chemicals, Nemours vaccines, which Debbie Bush, G Bush, operating Nemours, oversaw the arrests of ethics director, doctors, and tainted vaccines, while they increased that and more on all schools, Bush Bros, operating all child crimes at each place, and all major foods, surveillance, electric and contracts for schools, and shootings on campus, shootings at us to present for threats at all places of crime.
Premeditated crimes and moving us illegally with more emergencies for John, testing by Dr. Hill, for total blood chemical mixup, and Robert Bush, operating narcotics, threats, emails, operating as DEA, FBI, themselves and ‘direct signals’ EPA, by Robert Bush banking.

Arpino threatens myself and son in person, over their ‘satanic’ and “Masonic” daycare crimes, over Johns work and “CIA,” over DOW chemical (Bush explosions and John vomiting up more blood during Bush bringing dead bodies in aviation from Iraq to Dover, Ches wold and timed lab corp weekly with over five emergencies after moving us in March 2004 illegally canceling home contracts and threats by Robert Bush, G Bush) and all states, countries while ‘suing’ the cities themselves after arrests.

During Renting, Robert Bush banking with Debbie Bush in child crimes, all places hired and arrested and over 65 judges again, including day cares in Delaware with the others listed still operating with Bushes. During cancelation of the home sale in 2003, December, John was tested again by Dr. Hill and saw someone at Veterans Hospital. All places, lab corp, Dr. Bushes operating Veterans Hospitals, seen for (bars in his back from wars and injury prior to marriage) and knees having screws in them coming apart, with discussions of his inactivity and circles, memory lapses again and each time, supposedly the chemical mixup was ‘fixed’ and including that time in 2003. Phone calls by John and discussions of the crimes by Bushes, and felonies with phone calls by John to former NSA and police in Newark for threats to myself and son seen at Kung Fu, YMCA (Biden, Bush, hire and sentenced persons at schools, kill students at UD, at all places where they continued crime and YMCA hired psychos in child crimes).
Bush uses attorneys for buying out Johns employers after illegally moving us for continued felonies, supposedly temporary and called by Bush realtors to John ‘at work’ with all premeditated felonies, for the Dover home to be temporary for the reason again of his circles and the felonies, and canceling the home contract illegally, sending back the check for building a new home, claiming the builder was no longer building of which they were.
2005, John continues working at Flapdoodles, Bushes setting up citi loans, cash cards, and felonies of services at the bank, and fire John from his next employer with an ‘FBI’ phone call from Boys Girls Clubs.

Boys and Girls Clubs, operated also state to state by the same operating with Bushes as social services, Debbie Bush, banking, and property frauds, child crimes with Robert Bush, Alan Bush, Bill Clinton, all having felonies as they do not but by force steal and have federal money and all arrests and felonies, of each crime, banking apply.

Felonies to present, and in this case for violent premeditated felonies continued, operating illegally as court and all felonies of arresting persons used in crime from 1996 to present operated by those listed, organized crime, racketeering, felony banking, lending and violent crimes charges;

Over 65 judges, arrested with Walker Bush, Bush judges in each state, and social services for crimes on kids (elderly), with RObert Bush, Mark Bush, Debbie Bush, Alan Bush, Bush Bros. banking, using direct NASA, direct surveillance, and all foods, Bush company contracts to schools, social services, buildings, in child crimes and all state persons listed, while Bush continued felonies.
Debbie Bush, G Bush, Robert Bush, Bush judges while all others are hired again and arrested for child sales, and their own crimes, of property theft, trusts, mortgage frauds; are operating from TX, OH, MO, FL, in this case also as ‘social services’ and as Nemours, and as banking, and as local banking accounts with Bush family members, being felonies, with all pay, retirements, Navy, Air Force, death benefits. At all places, and in 2004, 2005, 2006, prior and during threats while working at UD over ‘computer’ they carry out crimes daily, slander threatened to be carried out while they operated every single place in child crimes and at all places where they carried out slander, threats and stolen files to present, minding my own business with annual and monthly plans, taking loans and timing by Robert Bush thousands in overdraft fees, strokes, lending, mortgage fraud already paid and his loans by myself, slander with threats to carry out the crimes, injury, slander, while I have over 300 days no gas, no money, and at each place they are operating narcotics and child crimes, Susan Cameron Honaker, to 2000 on checks.

Alan Bush, Debbie Bush, operating with Mark Bush, Robert Bush, lending, local banking, police union accounts state to state; operating as “social services” and nemours and “population centers” and “NC, ME, TX, FL,”
“Research Triangle” for felony banking; fires John at Boys and Girls Clubs, while we already know who did the background check, Bush calls with a ‘firing by ‘FBI’ with robert BUsh threats in which to begin and arresting everyone as “FBI” or “Fed” themselves, after getting employment for building management there. He discusses his circles, and that they gave him citi loans, again, and he makes an appointment for increased memory loss, however, Bushes, in crime, all Veterans, and Federal Healthcare (felonies at this time and premeditated threats), operated by Bush family members, all call and Veterans lab Corp, hospitals, sent him to a ‘VA Psychoanalyst”
Felonies under US codes, operating his strokes 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 Jan., 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and major chemical damage and tooth surgery to present. While having lab corp taken weekly during 2005, 2006, to present, 2011 monthly and five emergencies at the time, by Robert Bush operating all lab corp, banking, with Debbie Bush, lending, felonies 15 years on Susan, myself and son and by his fathers strokes using surveillance from Robert Bush, Bushes operating Comcast to all areas of their own crimes. Bush has the psychoanalyst tell him ‘you’re just a liar’ laughing and they induce five more emergencies throughout 2006 during felonies of HSBC mortgage and loans, services felonies and threats to myself and both.

Boys and Girls Clubs and at all places, Bushes carry out child crimes and shootings on campus to present, child deaths with Bush foods, electrical, Robert Bush operating comcast to banking, comcast surveillance, to all places and schools.

Debbie Bush, Alan Bush, operating as ‘population control’ and scientology groups, while replacing the last 3 billion just killed around to Royal family lines and Embassadors and those of over 300 million in child crimes as sleaze; she is operating the banking, with robert Bush, pay accounts, as Nemoours, viruses and molds, bateria in foods, Bush Bros foods conracts to all schools, child crimes, electrical to day cares, federal heatlhcare fraud, property and taxes and as attorneys, calling from ME, NC, and with Bush family members in gun clubs shooting.

Debbie Bush, Robert Bush, already in crimes, put son on tainted vaccines while taken off vaccines by his former doctor, and threats by Dorothy Arpino in 1998 while working at UD, Arpino in crime, over 30 years, and crimes whereas Bush family members, then put my grandfather, grandmother, Davis, her father George Washington Davis, taken off line of work at this time, that my sister did in genealogy and put it, along with great grandfathers property, estates, all Meyers put on Bushes belongings, squeezed into their line as they have everyone listed who they are using by last name with Genovese crime.

Contact Us — UNC Carolina Population Center
He is an economist and large population nutrition epidemiology scholar … University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill … Debbie Bush, IDOC Deputy Director …
2006-07 Postdoctoral Application Instructions
File Format: Microsoft Word – Quick View
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Interdisciplinary Obesity …
Show more results from unc.edu
Debbie Bush | LinkedIn
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Area – Project Director – Cancer Prevention & Control Research Network – University of NC at Chapel Hill
View Debbie Bush’s professional profile on LinkedIn. … Deputy Director – Interdisciplinary Obesity Center, Carolina Population Center at UNC-CH … Managed a 5 year NIH (RO1) grant examining home health care in North Carolina. …
Debbie Bush has felonies of phone calls to present, threats, violent crimes with Alan Bush, G Bush, Robert Bush banking, threats, slander, phone calls to present at same time with 15 more payday lending companies operating the bank account themselves and all serives from 2005, January 2006, set up frauds, over and above Johns income and an HSBC mortgage defraud, with thousands overdraft fees while threatening myself and assault and with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton while operating child crimes and all places under Social Services and Judges with Bushes arrested for child crimes, threats at same time of putting myself and son on ‘study’ lists along with the crimes directly, slander and to myself, theft of business and Bush Bros companies, operating illegally antitrust with all federal money on arrests and banking it continued crimes while only reporting their banking crime and slander on myself to present;

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