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Bush Premeditated Crime

Bushes have all family names in databases by over 500,000 websites, with Genovese, and listings of who is working where to use in crime.
Under US codes, anyone operating any felony is a felony in itself, and any Officer has to take charges (in fact we already had the reports of narcotics trafficking and threats and affidavits with DE State Police) and all crimes to present, are premeditated felonies, threats, extortion, felony banking, narcotics and air threats under US Codes. Organized crime is arresting everyone else and banking the money, all officials with obstructions and felonies under US Codes, in addition, using the court with only attorneys for representation after arresting and using the court for mortgage fraud, notary fraud felonies of falsified material threatened, while arresting persons, including police, from 2000, by Biden, and those used throughout, at every single place, where BUshes carried out 50 child crimes and narcotics, before you even got there for their crimes on you, and continuing in crime.

Again, Great Grandfather, PHILLIP MEYERS (PHOTOS PERSONALLY WE HAVE) AND FARM, PROPERTY TOBACCO, TAVERNS PUT IN BUSH NAME ADDED TO THEIR ‘ANCESTRY,’ other Meyers, grandmother, all property, Bushes grabbed up in 2005, listing my grandfather, engineer, Joseph Newton Cameron, (threats over other Camerons, and Camerons operating BP Oil, another just arrested and cousins of father who operate Real Estate, Blow Pops, Corp.).

Clintons began using Meyers LLP, Meyers LLP set up like other attorneys firms, and Meyers Labs, DOW, Henry Meyers with Gates, Kerr, and at each place, Bushes having them listed next in line of theft.

All felonies to present, will have charges; here in 2005, during continued daily felonies of HSBC mortgage fraud by the sleaze, transvestite circus freaks, called Clintons to present, Bush uses Elena Meyers in the crimes and steals family notices, and both grandmother and grandfather, as with all estates stolen, Bushes keeping track of each ‘attached’ to where they are, college, military, engineering with Genovese, Bush patent, property grab attorneys, Robert Bush banking, Debbie Bush;
Added to “she married Joseph Newton Cameron” engineer, created what was taken later and called Bendix, worked in military and General Electric, operated by Robert Bush, and Boeing, General Motors, also put persons out of business for the retail end, setting up business and bailout money with other persons, with fathers strokes and crimes during his death, from 1996 to his death.

Now, one Meyers family member was shot by snipers, in Washington, and here, Stan Meyers patents are stolen;

And just as direct signals for banking felonies, by all attorneys directly at the court by Robert Bush, Ed Walker Bush, Herman Rockefeller was last seen (unless he parted with money) at the airport ATM, and Bush takes files and makes remarks, of what Jay Rockefeller states on each given day, operating MS, with Bushes, and every little thing each said, including remarks about FOX television, and then goes to Tasmania, making remarks about Robert Rockefellers ‘downfall’ of the ‘evil empire’ telling everyone on one side that Bushes are Episcopal, and then they are such Christians, and with other Bushes operating Scientology and ‘population control’ 20 years daily with ‘police state’ and ‘hate crimes’ for narcotics trafficking on victims, and just so having a food shortage, bombings, terrorism, increased to weekly earthquakes and flooding s, but while the country is going broke, all in crime, and murdered, were just replaced by 3 billion, over 50 million a month, murdered, displaced, put into bankruptcy, arrested around to CEO’s of Citi corp, bankers, ambassadors, and they have trillions more for Bushes operating as DEA and gun clubs and looting, narcotics trafficking and theft.
Felonies 15 years of threats by those listed ongoing and banking …
Oct 2, 2011 – She married JOSEPH NEWTON CAMERON October 16, 1924 in … Here again, as daily from threats while my computer was hooked up to …
Family Tree Maker
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
She married JOSEPH NEWTON CAMERON October 16, 1924 in. Courthouse, Colbert Co, AL. He was born October 02, 1880 in Colbert Co, AL, and died June 29, 1959 in …
All presidents were and prior to 1600’s, direct to my grandmother, and others, of which Bush, also puts, my great grandfather, on there, with grandmother Davis, my great grandfather, (and during threats in 1998 this was discussed with my sister over the threats and attempted kidnapping and on her son at the time in Maryland) GEORGE WASHINGTON DAVIS, here, Bushes also squeeze, as all other family stolen property and businesses, Duponts killed, and millions on each family line A to Z just from 2001 in each country and classified so as to how Bush family members can manipulate them, either as Knights and “Bush the ultimate supposed Knight” or by Jewish, or Christian, all on each and every last surname at courts, as attorneys, as book writers, in Israel, the same family lines present; (now whatever sleaze the put into office, they have go around claiming all lines, or any line can link to their family line, and while setting up a bank for embezzlement of trillions they must be Royal and relative to all presidents) and has listings of Davis’s operating with as no matter where one goes, there is Bushes stealing it, dominating all persons and on linked in with Robert Bush, premeditated.

Now, Clinton, Bushes knew, from Johns 1996 strokes, operating family life insurance, CCCS Johns loans put on there, felonies at present of threats, and continued emergencies, with lab corp, testing for John of his dementia, non absorption vitamin B required for memory, causing dementia in only months to three years alone, felonies at present adding to over five emergencies for felonies on us, and myself and son premeditated, (threats in 1998 while working at UD to present, and in person with Dorothy Arpino, Dayette Mills while trafficking narcotics, operating at UD, and in collections again for over five emergencies a year, CCCS, loans and Midland Mortgage, household loans, services all operated with Bushes, Comcast, At&T, cut off each nine months with John having more increased inability to follow through, and no ability to even write down his transactions or plan) on affidavits controlled by them, and strokes, total chemical mixup and testing of chemicals on his teeth rotting out with major monthly tooth surgery. My fathers strokes, a Boeing, engineer, at the same time and Ruth Chapmans; all felonies to present 15 years, and all federal healthcare fraud, attempted property frauds, with threats daily to myself and son, will hold criminal charges and Bushes crimes in each state (already arresting again, attorneys for businesses, their own with federal money, arresting and only using ‘criminal defense’ attorneys, DA’s, judges, prosecutors and defenders in child crimes and all illegally with businesses, to present, operating directly all in child crimes and narcotics, themselves carrying out the crimes. It was already known, and crimes on our son, kidnappings at day care, and threats to us in person during narcotics trafficking and using narcotics around all crimes to present and threats at DOJ, court in Wilmington, at attorneys, Bushes operating them. The warboards plans for all new attorneys, indictments of energy, and setting up new plans and threats over it, along with their crimes on son in 1996, is what they had myself and with our son threatened over in which to begin, all felonies to present and 15 years. While having looked at schools, and one psychotic claiming she is head master with one other man, that are going to run anti-christ, new world orders, end times, Masonic (arresting day care at the time with Biden as witches, Demoleys), Arpino is used for threats over Bushes in crimes, tainted vaccines, and all other felonies. Arpino threatened me over discussions from 1996, already carrying out more crimes, collections, lawsuits, by Bushes all for Johns emergencies, lab corp, loans, federal healthcare and operating all healthcare for Bush Pharma, Genovese Drug Stores on all military, federal healthcare listings as Bush contractors. All premeditated crimes, and Ruth Chapmans strokes, with more after the threats in person while working at UD. With Bushes operating Child teaching, Bush child centers, all Bush foods, narcotics, judges in crime and child sales, teachers arrested again, child psychiatry, to present, all premeditated crimes and threats over all their crimes, discussions in the home;
Over 3 million students, biologists, engineers, chemists, Professors were murdered also, just to continue weapons, narcotics trafficking, Pharma fraud, biological weapons and land grabs with disaster fraud, direct signals, to all places by Bush family members, Robert Bush operating as banking, local banking, grants, EPA, NASA, Bombings, and through fire house, directly with billions. Arpino threatens over upcoming 9-11, and ‘they’ll be taking persons’ by train, of course, getting emails on their ‘Bush prison camps daily’ and threats to carry out every bit of crime, to continue surveillance, threats over DOW, chemicals, operated by Genovese, Bushes and to use chemicals (Alan Bush) radiological weapons, Raytheon and shooting while carrying out all felonies, fraud, with those listed in child crimes, narcotics, and bribery with state and federal money and known nationwide, the same Clinton, Bush crimes in all countries over and over until some big uprising and then more bombings sending in NATO. Now, neither one, has any brains, they are all operating in numbers, and from state to state, countries, they killed Genovese family members, and each their own by idiocy during Bushes wrapping up all CIA, the Russian agents, the English agents, ten times over arrested, the Indian doctors used with Robert Bush ieee, weapons arrested, all attorneys arrested for operating all businesses and frauds, the FBI, DEA, Police, all operated illegally and directly by them for arresting and obstructions, the supposed ‘intelligence’ and ‘counterintelligence’ the ‘terrorists’ and ‘counter terrorism’ ran by Bushes on both sides, all groups and those to arrest them, waiting, the satanic judges, with property, kids, bombings, threats, foods tainted, vaccines and swine flus, mortgage frauds, and the book cooking fiscal budgets and DOD contracts. No different than any other century and another replaced since the attorneys or others have a total blank of why their own peers are arrested, operated by ‘specialty’ given supposed special privileges and having no clue of total connections, and by ideological, political control and reassured they are just (the same as the last arrested), special to historical importance, superior in political hold until their arrest and illegally with federal money, each held, including on listings, the hospital Bay Health Directors (arrested while Bush used attorneys for operating the crimes) for Bush family.


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