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Felonies under US Code continued 2008, Alan bush (20 years operating as Johns loans, la corp, federal healthcare and dementia with Frank Genovese and all services, comcast with Pat Bush, other Bushes as signals, and collections monthly, paid off).

Each person in the crimes over 15 years:
Felonies of operating services, emergencies, Johns dementia from 1996 collections, paid, continued, by Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese, ALan Bush daily operating with G Bush Emile Henry (over 50 years with Bush Beans, Pots, and Bush, Sr.) from the bank making up loans, payday loans, Citi Corp branches, while threatening myself and son, with over 7,000 forced overdraft fees, and 3,700 fraud HSBC mortgage billing, over 7,000 added American General loans by ALan Bush, Robert Bush, Frank Genovese and felonies of assault reporting their crimes to Biden, (David C Weiss married to Bush family member), Senator Kauffman operating with Maurice Genovese. Pat Bush, Bush Brothers, with Mark Genovese, Frank Genovese, operating as EMS, signals and surveillance on all places, direct signals to fire house, Cheswold during DOW chemical explosions, fires, other bombings in each state, and Fred Bush at Fire House, Bushes operating as police, and all agencies in organized crime, from the bank and at the court with all attorneys and arrests with Genovese, and Judge Walker Bush, James Bush IV, ALan Bush organized crime.

All felonies listed under US Code, services frauds to John Honaker and making up loans above his income, payday loans in addition to thousands overdraft fees by Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, operating at the court with collections, and Alan Bush operating as his employment attorneys, collections and strokes over 15 to 1996, and threats to Susan and son, and both (slander on John Honaker using the court to 2011 of any and every type also) violent crimes. Threats, extortion to present, 2011 and threats to carry out all crimes and obstructions by Frank Genovese, Alan Bush, Dorothy Arpino in 1998.

Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese, Robert Bush, Alan Bush, Mark Bush, at WSFS, op organized crimme and all services, businesses, continued with emergencies, felonies operating federal healthcare under Genovese Crime family, Genovese drug stores, and ALan Bush with Johns strokes, Lab Corp under Bush Genovese Pharmaecuticals and laundering felonies added felonies of loans themselves each month above his income with threats to myself, Susan and son, while in our home daily kept broke and on video with Johns knowledge, he have dementia, on affidavits from 1996 and prior, premeditated crimes on son, and myself by Frank Genovese, Alan Bush operating his loans, mortgage, over his income, his employers and as his employment attorney, fraud and violent crimes.

Continued felonies of leaving us without money, threats to myself, keeping us (as on Nemours documents Genovese falsifies with Alan Bush ‘inactivity’ with Elena Meyers, Alan Bush, Debbie Bush, and continued felonies daily of over 50 counts felony threats, extortion, falsified transferred information to 2011 on ‘Susan’ and threats to steal all work, by Dorothy Arpino also on documents operating with Robert Bush, Frank Genovese at UD), Susan and on video timed in my home, laundering by Frank Genovese, HSBC defraud Mortgage with Alan Bush, daily and RObert BUsh operating organized crime, and making up loans, all services in arrears, payday loans, laundering above Johns income with 7,000 timed overdraft fees, felonies under US Code, mortgage defraud made with John during five emergencies and crimes on him blocking his phone call to federal healthcare at same time, firing him as ‘FBI’ during 2006 and rehiring him again at Bush owned business for crimes on us 15 years, operating the same, and Alan Bush felonies operating his federal healthcare, life insurance with Ciit Corp, Frank Geovese, threats to carry out theft of my work, during 1996 Johns strokes (friend Ruths strokes operated by the same frauds under Veterans Affairs) by Alan Bush and laundering, court cases on her for loans.

Felony laundering and extension of loans added each month by 2006, by Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese with threats to myself and son, property frauds set up, with 10,000 depreciation on property, during 2007, and 2008, obstructions by Frank Genovese, Pat Bush operating as EMS, police, with Kraft Foods, all businesses, operating as agency and court, laundering, services while John is at work over 20 years paid.

Mark Genovese, Jewelry, pawn, payday, car title loans with Frank Genovese, and as WSFS managment, as HSBC, loans, as Genovese Drug Stores, as Kraft foods over 50 Genovese, operating as EMS, Port authority, as National Security and bombings themselves with Bush Brothers, each state, HSBC, Citi Corp, laundering with Alan Bush.
Debbie Bush, operating with Genovese family members as Nemours, toxins, foods, as Health Human Services, Alan Bush toxic chemicals, as Bush dental, Dr. Bushes, with Alan Bush 15 years felonies, and as Federal Healthcare, laundering, as citi, property frauds, on documents and phone calls daily at same time of laundering and assault and phone calls to our home, felonies on the documents of threats to carry out every bit of fraud, slander with Alan Bush, Frank Genovese during payoff of John Honakers collections and felonies during moving.

(Frank Genovese 20 years laundering paid and threats to Susan to 2011 and son) op as WSFS, with Mark Genovese, Robert bush, services, Alan Bush daily with Johns employment as his employment attorney, and loans, collections and assault, continued billing themselves operaitng deposits at the bank 2008 bouncing daily overdraft fees and adding to payday loans, American General loans and deposits themselves of all services then cut off, changing the other mortgage, and continued assault on Susan, while timing thousands in laundering with Alan Bush above Johns income and loans in his name with payday loans 2008, felonies.

Felonies continued by Mark Genovese, Frank Genovese and family operating organized crime with Robert Bush, Alan Bush, operating state to state as WSFS Delaware, local bank management and felonies operating as court with all attorneys, as Boeing Air, as General Motors, as Genovese Drug Stores (Eckards, Rite Aid), as HSBC, as loans, as Construction, as Genovese Waste and BFI, as Comcast, as UHS, Universal Health Systems by organized crime under all insurances, as Citi Corp, as Electric, as payday and car title loans, as signals, as miltiary, as EWS, and as Hospital directors, as satanic and operating propganda, as Television FOX-Genovese, and 20 years felonies laundering above Johns income with G Bush operating with Alan Bush as Johns Pentagon, CIA (G Walker Bush, Sr., all Delaware residents and operating to each state and from each state in these crimes), Vietnam (and undisclosed with over 18 lending companies and his mortgage by F Genvoese, Robert Bush midland HSBC, more loans each nine months with emergencies, above his income and collections for all by the same), Navy, Lab Corp, laundering paid off each month and collections by the same with strokes and known dementia on his lab corp unable to process even from 1996 emergencies and collections, by the same, Alan Bush operating with Robert bush his loans, all his own and his emergencies, his employment, Alan Bush as employment attorney and loans, federal healthcare fraud with Tricare, federal healthcare called also by John for his memory lapses, strokes and tested by Dr. Hill Throughout, all felonies of separate nature; with threats to carry out violent crimes. Robert Bush, operating the same with Alan Bush daily with Frank Genovese, Robert Bush operating with Alan Bush, G Bush opearting daily with Alan Bush Johns employers and Frank Genovese, continued felonies with Mark Genovese taking payday loans above his income, assault, threats in Dover, around 500 meters after illegally moving us, and taking loans from 2006, HSBC mortgage fraud, services frauds, while JOhn is at work, payday loans and thousands in banking fees, by Frank Genovese with attempted murder, taking my work, automated income and expense monthly to 2011 and threats to carry out the crimes, with 16,000 added in payday loans and keeping us with barely food by only the end of month and threats to get every bit of fraud, with Alan Bush taking Johns lab corp monthly, all individual felonies.

There are five other direct cases, including assault by the same involved o Andrea Henderson, social services, as all persons Frank Genovese, G Bush, are directly operating with are in child porn and murders and with Robert Bush, Alan Bush, each operating as judges and with Walker -Bush, Judge Walker Bush operating with Biden family in crimme, David C Weiss married to Bush family. These are psychotics, as Bush family members killed Genovese in other states, killed Meyers, and is operating with Meyers family members, stole Phillip Meyers (grandfather, Phillip Meyers Tobacco, Meyers properties in Delaware operating with) and stole grandfathers work at General Electric, and put my grandmother in 2005, Bush family member took my great grandfather and my grandmother, George Washington Davis, and put on direct Bush family line, with Debbie Bush, F Genovese, Robert Bush carrying out bombings eveyr sate and wheeler death, Pentagon in Wilmington, Chemical weapons specialist with Alan Bush operating the chemicals, Walker Bush, Frank Genovese all states, toxins, and bombings in other cases in Delaware of patent theft on their family and vehicles and in the Wheeler death, bombings of buildings, bridges by Robert Bush and onboard weapons out of Dover, University of Delaware, and operating all services, healthcare, as agencies organized crime relay with Pat Bush, Genovese from Dover to fire, as EMS and threats as police themselves to present. Felonies on my father, and during his death in 2009 continued on our family of violent crimes and felonies, threats while not at home and felonious court proceedings by Frank Genovese, RObert Bush during continued laundering; Boeing and General Motors employee (theft of franchises and bailouts during 2006).

Felonies of threats, extortion, injury, attempted murder and injury on forms timing over 300 days to 2011 no money, no gas and thousands in laundering in John Honakers name with dementia, felonies of loans made by themselves under US code by thousands above his income, and for assault on Susan and son daily.

Each separate and felonies; Affidavits on Johns strokes, operating over five annually and monthly tooth infections by Mark Genovese, Alan Bush, Robert Bush, operating the bank account, laundering, federal healthcare (20 years and collections paid), continued 7,000 American General Loans, 7,000 during 2008 overdraft fees forced from 2006 continued above his income and expense with payday loans at same time, felonies of laundering, thousands in John Honakers name and felonies under US code, loan extensions, by themselves during another emergency, on affidavits, bank statements. A contnued felony mortgage HSBC billing 3700 with thousands of the same loans on the mortgage defraud in Susans name, and attempted murder, all banking felonies and arrests of bank employees by the same operating as Johns employment attorney, ALan Bush, Frank Genovese as court (20 years laundering and continued premeditated threats to take all from Susan and son, and carry out violent crimes, slander Susan and carry out assault).

Alan Bush, Frank Genovese, felonies falsified material of their loans, overdraft fees, falsified ‘bad memory’ and continued over 500 counts on forms, with loans in John Honakers name, on Susan with every opposite threats, slander, threatened to be carried out and using the court, to present, Pat bush, F Genovese, Mark Genovese laundering, and threats using RFID, surveillance and on video, as EMS, aviation, bush and Genovese aviation threatening those at stores during the crimes to 2011 after discussions, locked up one clerk, assaulted another and using the court with Frank Genovese, ALan Bush organized crime illegally using the court and laundering.

Andrea Henderson, honors grad, and social services, the same continued assaulting as listed to 2011 from threats in 1998, and other explosives in cases connected, including threats to Miriam Snyder in NY, with ALan Bush, attorneys, Judge walker Bush with Cuomo, during the time transvestites operating illegally for Bush as court and Frank Genovese laundering at the court.

Continue daily on affidavits, a 3700 felony mortgage set up in 2006 with thousands of the same cash cards in Johns name set up on the mortgage and payday loans, laundering above his income and expenses, with threats to myself and son to carry out violent crimes continued.

Marvin Bush takes files (at the time and online) with affadavits on clinton slander; (marvin Bush 9-11 ush Bros Electric, ALan Bush laundering and building explosives) as if no one knew, operating laundering 20 years hsbc loans, strokes, Alan Bush and Frank Genovese, operating 9-11 and threats prior to carry out violent crimes to Susan and son, operated with Frank Genovese, ALan bUsh, Pat Bush operating EMS aviation and threats as FBI and police to present; felonies under US code; James Bush murders of Pentagon, and operating as siganls, surveillance to the courts, police, as EMS, terrorist bombings with Bush ammo, and felonies with John Honakers National Security Clearances as transfer that ‘her husband brought her in,’ having him not called, and felonies of operating arrests of police.

Felonies of operating as court with Alan Bush, federal heatlhcare, laundering, and with Judge Walker Bush, F Genovese laundering daily, timed 7,000 more American General loans, other loans, payday loans added above his income and expenses and a emergency during 2008, Alan Bush operating Johns emergencies, monthly teeth infections 11 years and taking his lab corp monthly, attempted murder on myself and continued threats while laundering and adding to payday loans and 7,000 overdraft fees, each felony under US Code and using the court.
Judge Walker Bush, Alan Bush felonies, Pat BUsh signals, EMS, to fire, and hospital, surveillance to home during their laundering timing no food, no gas, no money, over 300 days.

Each day, I am in my home while they launder keeping us broke and threats to carry out assault on myself, on video and Johns knowledge of theft of my own work, monthly income and expense, and they call him for loans, make up the loans themselves, John having dementia with threats to myself on video daily only making reports of their crimes on all occasions, Alan Bush with Debbie Bush, Hayward Walker bush, Frank Genovese, Robert Bush, Pat Bush operating as all agencies, laundering, Nemours, court, continue transfer of falsfied material, and threats on documents while in my home and assault.

***VIdeos, white below but voice

Alan Bush felonies with transvestite judge Walker Bush, James Bush, Pat Bush using surveillance, arrest police, order police (arrest EMS, Systems call director) with Pat Bush op laundering, and signals, and as EMS, fire, police and use their attorneys for other police fired with Joe Biden, Frank Genovese illegally operating laundering and as court.
JOhn looks at hospital forms again:

Felonies of threats to Susan, assault, to 2011 and threats to carry out the crimes, Alan Bush, G Bush operating daily the laundering and Johns emergencies at the time, loans at thousands more above his income and expense, and HSBC illegal remade mortgage with thousands in loans, and added 7,000 overdraft fees, with ‘calls on Susan using the court’ for near death, their own ‘overdraft fees’ and lock up a store witness and clerk:

They order a gang member around the arrest of DE state police, and the EMS call center director to not take any information and ‘take her to the hospital,’ felonies under US code, laundering and felonies of threats to Susan from 1998 and son.

Felonies of threats to Susan and son to get murder, and with fraud, Mark Genovese, Frank Genovese operating with ALan Bush as court, and bringing in a Bush contractor with Genovese Drug stores, (20 years and laundering during Johns emergencies at the time again) continued felonies to 2011 laundering thousands in 2008 above income and expense and threats to Susan and son to carry out the crimes in 1998 to 2011 daily assaulting, slandering ‘susan,’ taking automated cash flow book discussed and threats, separate felonies and attempted murder, felonies operating loans daily and the bank account, services operated Comcast, Electric Coop by R Bush, Frank Genovese cut off also during 2008, Genovese trash, other trash companies cut off.

The hospital intake writes down ‘loans from her husband and laundering’ but instead, Alan Bush, Frank Genovese, Judge Walker bush and Frank Genovese operating the laundering, loans, overdraft fees, and felonies of collections for Johns strokes, lab corp and daily his employers, with Alan Bush, then has their contractor, felonies under US Code, come in and write down ‘loans and laundering’ ‘delusional’ and was ‘seeing someone and quit’ and to hold her over a month with body shutting down from no gas, no vehicle, no car, no money over a year with one witness, not needed since they are on the documents and felonies, killed by 2011 during other felonies on Susan to 2011, and laundering thousands in the bank account in John Honakers name.

Officer Simms, Cheswold (Kline fired, others fired), Officer Bishop, DE State Police having affidavits again 2007, and JOhn knowing they were called and visited from continued 2008 with affidavits then erased by Bushes, Alan Bush, Judge Walker Bush, laundering and Frank Genovese, operating as court arrested police;

Felonies under US Codes, obstructing officers and giving orders to officers and opeating with Pat Bush as police, EMS, signals, with other Bushes, Alan Bush laundering, Mark Genovese; after talking to Officer Simms, already having Police affidvits at Delaware State Police, F Genovese laundering and Alan Bush continued felonies, ordered police to erase files, arresting police, and felonies of ordering gang member with other police at same office, to lock myself, Susan up, with husbands knowledge of reports of his emergencies, memory lapses and blocking him from federal healthcare for assault on myself, laundering 7,000 overdraft fees by ALan Bush with R Bush, WSFS, loans, HSBC, Frank Genovese, then used court for assault and battery on myself, transferring and threats to transfer falsified material while making up loans in Johns name, mortgage defraud, notary crimes, with John during emergencies, strokes.
Each felony under US code, laundering loans, payday loans over and above Johns income in his name, threats violent crimes and billing for strokes during 2008, eye damage, by Alan Bush, Robert Bush, Frank Genovese operating as Genovese drug stores, banking, and illegally as court (20 yrs laundering and the same paid),
Felonies under US codes of assault on Susan threatened to be carried out and to 2011 daily, billing 5,000 a month, felonies of changing and transfer of falsified material, 05, 06 while laundering and HSBC mortgage defraud, property frauds, by the same in Johns name, changed mortgage, and laundering 7,000 timed overdraft fees, attempted murder, and threatened to be carried out.
Felonies under US code, failure to produce and documents for police, and arresting police, deleting files, during commission of launder, attempted murder, injury and laundering loans thousands added for and in John Honakers name with felonies of threats conitnued to Susan and assault.

Felonies over 50 counts daily added transferring felony falsified material (including ‘firing as FBI’ and claims during 06 carried over to 2011 on John Honaker slander), felonies of disclosing felony material falsified for continued threats, laundering, HSBC mortgage defraud, property frauds, with Alan Bush, Judges Walker Bush, Frank Genovese operating crime and as court, federal healthcare with Alan Bush state to state. Felonies failure to disclose to 2011 and continud felonies as on documents during Johns strokes and laundering billing at the same time by Alan Bush, Frank Genovese, for crimes, assault, battery on Susan timing no money over 300 days, laundering in Johns name and loans.

On stamped affidavit, and as throughout, continued over 16,000 a month and adding and taking out thousands in payday loans by Alan Bush for JOhn and in Johns name.

Felonies under US code to asault Susan, set up HSBC mortgage, death benefits (premeditated and life insurance op from 1995 prior to sons birth with collections for Johns loans, laundering, emergencies and op as his employers), felonies here, calls in Bush Frank Genovese conractor as all threats were premeditated and during 16,000 laundering loans in Johns name a month.

Transvestite Alan Bush, op laundering with R bush, Pat Bush using security while I am in my home, broke over 300 days, Pat Bush using surveillance, and Judge Walker Bush, F Genovese laundering and operating as court, with Commissioner psychotic Freud in child murders, doctors and all child psychiatrists, and at YMCA, schools, they watched three years brutaly but fuck kids and arrested at the same time, and where they fired John i 2005, 06, at Boys Girls Clubs, bush arrested and hired by Alan Bush who carries out the assaults, teachers, day care providers hired again (including our own prior), and arrested police for deleting files and ‘porn on their computer’ and announced by Bushes in media of their murders, child crimes and with Commissioner Freud, with frank Genovese, felonies of operating organized crime, laundering, and as court, timed and microwave surveillance to my home.

Felonies under US Code and for assault to 2011 continued:
Noted on doucments after police are told to leave and on intake, ‘loans’ and her husband “CIA” (National Security under Bush SR. BUsh Jr. Alan Bush op all of it and his employers and as federal healthcare, laundering, loans), during Johns strokes; Then written down by Bush psychotic who comes in as contractor for UHS, Frank Genovese laundering federal heatlhcare wirtes down for surveillance ‘thinks she has thermal imaging’ and ‘loans’ ‘delusional’ and ‘formerly seeing someone and quit,’ and ‘transfer to intake.’

Other affidavits on the same stamped, prior to continued, to 2011, felonies transferring ‘her husband brought her in’ to 2011, assault daily on Susan, billing federal healthcare over 5,000 a month, while putting in thousands in the bank account and taking out money by Pat Bush, Hayward Walker Bush, Frank Genovese, Alan Bush and operating as court;

Each felonies Under Us code of operating as court by ALan Bush laundering, and Robert bush as HSBC, federal healthcare billing fraudulent for every and any transferred felony falsified material threatened, with Frank Genovese laundering at the bank and operating as court; to 2011 under US Code, failure to produce valid legal papers and/or documents, threats and failure to produce federal healthcare, or documents of any legal nature and using the court for property fraud, notary fraud, federal healthcare fraud by Alan Bush (20 years) Frank Genovese, Judge Walker Bush, felonies of continued laundering in the bank account and attempted murder, with all frauds set up. Alan Bush, Bush family members felonies of blocking any disclosure of legal valid documents and attempted murder with all fraud.

Mark Genovese, Frank Genovese, operating with Alan Bush laundering, Robert Bush, operating as court, laundering, felonies, healthcare, all attorneys in crime, with judge Walker Bush, Frank Genovese illegally operating as court and WSFS management and all pay accounts, hirings, Commissioner Freud in child murders, with Bush attorneys; and daily online time stamped at same time take legal files and operate as Johns employment attorneys, strokes, loans made up in his name, and G bush daily with family members, together with his employers timing no money and threats, slander, assault while in our home.


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