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Felonies continued under US Code 2009, and all felonies will be charged including using the court during laundering thousands daily and billing federal healthcare, while continuing thier own property, HSBC, mortgage frauds set up and laundering in 2006, adding monthly to the loans by thousands, and during 2009, while not home, with threats to Susan and son in person 1998, and daily to -present and while not even out, thereby, falsifying ‘inactivity’ of Johns known condition in 2006, by Debbie Bush, Alan Bush with nemours and threats to present, over 50 added threats, and threats to 2011 by every means, phone on video from UD, NC, ME and felonies of slander, threats to “Susan” with thousands i loans and emergencies billing on the same day for Johns emergencies, strokes, lung damage, Alan Bush operating monthly lab corp and weekly on John with monthly infections of his teeth and with all doctors. right now, as on documents, assault, battery and injury on Susan and double billing for that continued by Alan Bush, Frank Genovese with all documents. Five other direct cases including explosives and Wheeler in Wilmington, Delaware, a chemical, EMP, weapons specialist, Vietnam Veteran, also killed. Affidavits again, in 2009, by threats, Judges Walker-Bush at this time, threatened and continued crime on Miriam Snyder, having from 2008, their assault and felonies as well as John Honaker on Susan, myself, for attempted murder, timing over 7,000 in overdraft fees, timed by Robert Bush (and on video continued, including calls to WSFS and given money to managers by Robert ubsh, Frank Genovese for all crimes) payday loans made up during more emergencies on lab corp, collections by the same for John Honaker at the time of assault and battery on Susan. As all other felonies to present, after paying 15 emergencies plus, over 18 lending companies and HSBC, household loans, threats by Dorothy Arpino, operating and dismissed here by Bush family members operating at the court, and banking with ALan Bush, Frank Genovese organized crime, and Alan Bush 20 years operating as Johns employment attorney and threats to operate the same crimes after payoff continuously of his loans and medical, hospital, lawsuits by the same to 1998 while at UD, and to take all work, business, automated income and expense from Susan (monthly during crimes on video, and while timing no money), assault Susan during his emergencies and billing for slandering both to federal healthcare under Alan Bush, Bush Pharma operating the violent crimes with Genovese, Mark Genovese, Frank Genovese, Robert Bush operating all at WSFS daily themselves, laundering and felonies of using the court with slander during his lung collapses, and while not even home in 2009. My father, also a victim, Boeing (Genovese theft with Bushes of all businesses), General Motors (Genovese bailouts). Felonies of assault, felonies during laundering thousands in John Honakers name above his income, taking payday loans Pat Bush, using surveillance, operating as EMS, microwave, accident records, signals to fire house, hopsital and as “DOJ,” with Alan Bush (Brother of Sen. Susan Collins and billions in explosives each state); Alan Bush operating as John Honakers employment attorney, federal healthcare over 15 years, over five annual emergencies (induced, 15 to 1998), and to 2011, monthly lab corp, dementia, and collections by Bush Pharmaceuticals, Genovese crime Drug Stores same time/ Judge Walker Bush, operating crime with them, Frank Genovese using attorneys, operating as banking, WSFS with Robert bush, as federal healthcare, as UHS, as all insurances, as citi life insurance, as citi payday loans, HSBC mortgage defraud continued and thousands HSBC, American General and loans above Johns income and expenses monthly with payday loans, felonies under US Codes, premeditated and continued Felonies of using the court and billing federal healthcare for ‘suing’ and assault, battery on Susan with slander on John Honaker during and billing for the slander using social services and threats to carry out all crimes by the same Herein, assault for ‘suing Genovese’ on video, and ‘Bush’ firing real employees, continued, while Judge Walker Bush, Frank Genovese, Alan Bush, attorney, with other Bushes (George Bush) Robert Bush banking as WSFS management, felonies of using the court, and for ‘filing’ assault on Susan, while not home all year, taking care of father and having given John Honaker again a ‘fixed’ income and expense to have living expenses. Felonies over 100 court crimes of ‘dismissals’ took Place by the same listed, laundering in the bank account and operating as court, felonies of operating as social services and with psychotic child porn murderer commissioner freud on video with employees and witnesses with me (called to come home) and billing for threats with federal healthcare. Arrest warrants under US codes, all banking felonies threats, violent crimes premeditated and threatened to be carried out with threats to ‘Susan’ right now, 2006, HABC mortgage fraud, set up, the same in crime to 1996, with John Honakers national security, Pentagon employment, CIA, Vietnam (G Bush Sr.), G Bush Jr, operating his employers, retirement account, with Robert Bush, and Employment fraud (Emile Henry by 2006, and bush Anarchist Quebec, Northeast Bombers groups), Alan Bush bombings each state operating taking his loans, citi life insurance, set up HSBC defraud mortgage and thousands in citi loans, American General and HSBC cash cards, already above expenses and his income in 2006. Alan Bush collecting monthly operating his employers after retirement to 1996, loans with over 15 emergencies and dementia, all felonies herein to present, paid off prior. Felonies of threats to steal all of Susan Cameron Honakers work, to steal (and on video monthly while left with three days of money and taking loans over and above Johns income making it up themselves each month for thousands timed overdrafts forced by Robert Bush, operating the same from 1989 to 1996, and to 2000 with the same) to carry out slander and to present, while stealing over 16,000 in John Honakers name, slandering Susan, threats, violent crimes are felonies and from 1995 premeditated. Ficticious ‘electronic’ filings as is the case with Judge Walker Bush, with David C Weiss, relative to Bush family members, Alan Bush attorney, and Alan Bush funneled money for bombings, operating threats, laundering during this time, thousands felonies put into the bank account, while taking care of son, and terminally ill father, and firing this case. Over 500 counts using a criminal on the street and at neighbors homes during this and injury out of Alan Bush, Frank Genovese, Judge Walker Bush operating with other Bushes, Robert Bush banking as WSFS, HSBC, daily continued, all herein being felonies. Alan Bush, Frank Genovese, continued theft of automated income and work of Susans, felonies of transferring material just for assault, ‘she’s psychotic for suing’ to employees, ‘her husband brought her in in 2008’ for continued felonies during laundering thousands more from JOhn while taking care of my terminally ill father and all on video and witnesses, in fact injured witnesses with me and John as witness throughout, billing during his emergencies, laundering for crimes on him as well. Dismissals and timed with laundering thousands throughout 2009, by Joe Bidens office, Bush family members using with Frank Genovese, Mark Genovese, opeating over 70 Genovese attorneys firms in crime and Alan Bush, Debbie Bush felonies, James Bush, William Bush IV operating solely as all attorneys for all crime, and banking at the court all crime money; Carried out felonies under US Code, no court procedures followed at all while dismissing their case, assigning the case to a ficticious court ‘vacant,’ then sending it to an appeals court fictitiously not even heard, then dismissing Dorothy Arpino, sending her a ‘dismissal’ with no response, timed and to present, Pat Bush, Alan Bush using microwave surveillance daily laundering 16,000 through the account a month in John Honakers name. (1989 to 1996), and a lung collapse during this time with payday loans taken and thousands overdraft fees by Robert Bush continued with mark Genovese, Frank Genovese. Continued felonies of threats to Susan and son, for attempted murder, set up felony new HSBC mortgage and two more felony mortgage changes with illegal documents from 2006, with John Honaker and thousands of the same loans on it as cash cards not on it, with thousands in payday loans added above his income tumbling forced overdraft fees. Crimes, felonies under US Code on banking documents, thousands timed overdraft fees, and John sat all year long, no counting his money, or ability to, having five annual emergencies and already by Alan Bush on lab corp and chemical damage, from 1996 increasing. Felonies under US Codes taking loans themselves  While dismissing the court case, they put in and took out thousands not there, and timed the dismissals faxed, and being felonies simultaneous, with Bush family members and no signatures and then having it sent to appeals court, while they sent John thousands on a check to cash that was a fraud also. The appeals court noted, that no District Court, or proper hearing was to be sent to the Appeals court. Judge Walker Bush, G Bush, Robert Bush, Frank Genovese operating crime from the bank and the court, arrested another judge, and continued felonies. James Bush, William Bush, with Alan Bush On emails, Hayward Walker Bush Debbie Bush, 15 years in crime, laundering and claims of being ‘social services,’ felonies of use of court, felonies of claims of ‘studies’ 15 years on son, phone calls to the home and operating banking, laundering and as citi corp, property fraud with James Bush, IV, Alan Bush bombings each state with Pat Bush using surveillance, operating as EMS, as police, signals to fire and airport Ed Walker Bush, phone calls with Debbie Bush and 15 years felonies Mark Genovese, taking Jewelry and Pawn loans from JOhn at same time of 16,000 in payday loans, and threats in Dover, Delaware throughout 2006, Bush explosives and with Bush family operating all explosives with Payday title loans


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