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Bill Clinton Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton felonies 15 years and funneling, stealing federal money.
All documents from 1989, already in crime, to present, and under US Codes, all charges and US criminal codes apply:

Felony banking, lending, HSBC, Midland, and Household loans, wtih threats, felonies of federal healthcare, and known operating the crime, threats over surveillance, and to carry out all crime durign 1998, with Dorothy Arpino and slander on both, knowing from prior to sons birth, 1996, Johns strokes, Ruth Chapmans strokes, that he cannot plan, follow through and having more loans, by Bill clinton, Genovese, Robert Bush already in collections and on CCCS, during 1995, operated CCCS in DE, MD, state to state by Bushes attorneys and Robert Bush holding all services, loans, insurances, with Bill Clinton. Donations from JOhns employers, operated by Bushes, and to Bill Clinton, Hillary operating with those employers to present, and out of MIT for weapons, DE, Rehoboth, Clinton operating weapons, hospitals, bombings, with federal money and from all agencies embezzlement from narcotics from all federal and state pay accounts and stolen.
All felonies of violent crimes, threats, slander, assault, felony banking direct and services frauds, already ongoing with emergencies each nine months from 1989 to John Honaker with lending above his income, weekly monotonous and violent crimes by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton for crime money and Genovese family members (Mike Genovese, Elizabeth Genovese, other Genovese, arrested and some killed in FL, from Iraq, Indiana, other states, and locked up, Frank Genovese operating WSFS and citi, other businesses and out of UD with Robert Bush, Bushes, Genovese attorneys, Comcast, Mark Genovese during the crimes and Maurice Genovese out of NY, others in the crimes), lending, threats in person to myself and son by Dorothy Arpino, narcotics trafficking with Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, during 1998, another four years of household loans, circles, and getting money from banks, and his employers, to present, threats to carry out violent crimes, felony lending and HSBC frauds put in Susan Cameron Honakers name, set up in January, 2006, to June, with ‘credit checks from HSBC’ for JOhn Honaker and emergencies, circles, verbal circles, (chemical testing, lab corp, operated by Bushes, and federal healthcare, death benefits, Bush Pharma, all federal payment accounts, and collections, CCCS, with Clintons banking, and household loans, Bank America, over 18) dementia, and paid off loans from 1989 to 2000 in files, above his income, not my own, and with his knowledge,(with felonies prior to putting Susans name on the loans in 2007 with ‘AKA’ by Genovese, Bill Clinton, Robert Bush)
Bill Clinton, jumps, with G Bush (Sr.), Jr. getting into office, into violent crimes, premeditated, seeing that they have midland Mortgage, John already having medical conditions and increased by them, and undisclosed, Vietnam Veteran, North Pole, all places out of Washington, CIA, and 18 lending companies undisclosed prior to marriage. Bushes, operated my own employees to present, and buyouts from DE, while in MD. Grandfathers Engineering and inventions, (later taken and called Bendix), worked for patents for General Electric, operated by Bush Bros., put on with grandmother, her father, George Washington Davis, on BUsh family belongings, and Bushes, stealing Meyers patents, great grandfather, Phillip Meyers Tobacco (note on Biden page of Tobacco industry).

John Honaker knew Gotti, and all Clintons crimes, premeditated with G Bush, Debbie Bush, Robert Bush operating as local bank, WSFS mgt, all Businesses as Bush Bros, HSBC management;

Bill Clinton, Hillary narcotics trafficking and threats with Bush family members to present, operating directly via Air, (Coombes Air, with Air Force money, arrested for Clinton, New Caslte 1996, and Dover Biden premeditated), FBI, obstructions with Robert Bush, Bill Clinton embezzlement arrests of all state agencies, attorneys and use of FBI with obstructions, operating as FBI themselves, Robert Bush, and Bush judges.
school, narcotics, child crimes and trafficking, and use of the court during felonies to present with biden arresting all for Bill Clinton, Lawsuits for killing police in TX with Bushes, arresitng DE state police, all loans, banking, employees and police for ‘robbing banks’ in Newark, Dover and ‘child crimes,’ and ‘deleting files,’ police in Dover fired and Cheswold, other judges arrested.
44 – Clinton’s End Game
May 8, 2008 – Roger Clinton,. Roger Clinton has been arrested on new charges …… Tony Gambino, former Mission Director, USAID, Democratic Republic of the Congo[109] …. [edit] Delaware Delaware Lt. Gov. John Carney (D)[228] …… America will be the worse for it in 2009 and 2010. …
Real Life Organized Crime News
Sep 21, 2010 – Kim said Gotti instructed underlings in the Gambino mob family to kidnap …. That photo has been published more often than Washington Crossing the Delaware. ….. In return, they helped him avoid arrest, warned him of impending …… It is alleged that in 2001, Roger Clinton, half-brother of the …

15 years, threats, violent crimes, felony banking with stolen money, already prior to 1989, Midland Bank and premeditated crimes, with Johns federal healthcare, emergencies adn more household loans with Robert bush, and operating his National Seucurity (over 18 lending companies)

Crimes funneling money and to attorneys with Bush family members, debbie BUsh, Biden in crime, slander, threats in person, using Dorothy Arpino, with Genovese, robert Bush.

All US Codes listed, charged with and on documents, of Johns strokes, circles, dementia, and Johns employers, Navy, Pentagon, National Security (over 50 persons murdered, including Wheeler outside Nemours, Wilmington, a former Pentagon Employee and weapons specialist, Chemicals, air, etc. for Raytheon and G Bush, Bushes, Alan Bush, August Bush attorneys, James Bush, Bushes shooting as gun club members with Raytheon, Bush Equipment, Co. and all BUsh businesses, Bush guns, with federal money and contracts, with DEA, narcotics)

Coombes Air, with Airforce money, and Bushes operating as DEA, narcotics, FBI, with Raytheon Planes and Air force money arresting them, and FBI, DEA, to all state officials listed in child crimes and narcotics and with prison deals, sales of kids with Biden, Colm Connelly, trafficking, Carl Danberg, Former Senator Kauffman, all having state and federal money bribery with Bush contractors and attorneys for Bush businesses and narcotics.


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