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I, Susan Cameron Honaker, (father employed with Boeing, 1974, Engineering and Tool and Die, then General Motors, DE., 1984 to 2003), have 25 years (and 12th grad mathematics fourth grade, college level study, medical, sciences, by 16, college), Communications Art Degree, AA, 1989, Continuing Education in Business Mgt. to 2000 from 1990, Religions, Philocophical level studies, Literature, Business Economics, and Accounting, and worked for Atlantic Equipment Co. (operated each state, Alan Greenberg, MD, under and with Bush Bought out Refrigeration, Hobart, DE, Times Herald,1993, bought out Gannett, DE, Bush industries, each state, with bankruptcy and other fraud, Trimark, Inc., 1992, 93, also, Bush koch Brothers, 95, DE Nurses Association in 1995, and the University of Delaware 1998 to 2000, Publications and Corporate management, Accounting and Business, Printing and contract administration.

…Married to JOhn A Honaker, QWMCM (SS)in 1989, having National Security Clearances under Jimmy Carter for Top Secret only one other, known, Sub Atlantic Fleet, Vietnam Special Forces PT Aviation out of Washington and Rescue Missions 71-2, CIA, with George Bush, Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jr., William Bush, esq., Robert Bush, operating as employment attorneys after retirement (Approved Equipment, with Bush Equipment, DE., his employers, with Bill Clinton political donations and theft, embezzlement with Poe Attorneys also, narcotics through all agencies theft, bombings), and felonies as attorneys, Robert Bush as WSFS, with over 18 lending companies, (Altus Bank changed) Midland Mortgage, Bank America, HRSI Silo, WSFS boat loan to 2000 never used by Robert Bush, (Bill Clinton, Jeb Bush, Jr.), in John Honakers name, William Bush, esq. lawsuits monthly and operating and impersonating a judge to present, healthcare fraud, monthly lab corp (Weekly taken from John Honaker from 1989 in Norfolk, with emergencies, and Wiliam Bush operating as healthcare, Poe Attorneys for all healthcare under William Bush, G Bush, Amy Bush, other, Robert Bush loans, Ciconte, ROseman, Wasserman, William Bush for Dr.s Emergency Services, Nathan Bush, Pat Bush, others operating Hopsital computer and private cos, in crime for hospital records, (real records must be on Veterans Site) for Bush, operating John Honkers loans, paid off each month, with more emergencies and wire fraud, calling him for services, loans right prior to another emergency and collections, lawsuits from Wilmington to 1996, and continued to 2000; with Bush operating his employers;

William Bush, Tom Bush operating as ‘FBI’ ‘ICE’ “homeland security Special Agent in charge” (over 50 as snipers, narcotics, trafficking, threats in 1998, 2000 in person over two hours, during narcotics cocaine trafficking, after strokes on Ruth Chapman, friend, 32 yrs, Air Force worker, via narcotics, to present with Wes Bush, Comcast, Aviation, with air force money, Tom Bush, as FBI, with JOhn HOnaker having known emergencies, dementia, and my father, R Cameron, the same in 1995, at the time of Ruth’s and John again in 1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000, with collections;
George Bush, threatens myself and son in person, as the coward, child murderers with William Bush, employment fraud, Veterans Fraud, operating felonies impersonating a judge, with David C Weiss, as ‘treasury’ and “FBI’ and ‘Investigations” for each agency; threatens to carry out prior to 9-11, all of what is upcoming and to carry out FEMA lies and fraud, FEMA camps, CIA fligths, wtih Dorothy Arpino in person, threats over patents, IBM, over Bush operating) DOW chemical, and DE chemical companies, to carry out every bit of assault during collections and paying off John Honakers loans and to get every bit off fraud, holding up a folder, to carry out slander, libel all on documents, while in my home, on myself and taking money from Jon daily, then adding to wire fraud, HSBC and three mortgages set up with 20 emergencies for John Honaker operating to his work daily by William Bush, esq. operating each state FEMA, explosives over 350,000 with Tom Bush on CNN, gas explosions, disaster frauds, with Barry Bush, Tom Bush as ‘explosives experts’ and ‘property insurance adjusters,’ arresting all with the money for Bush contracts for all commissioners and then operating as their ‘defense’ attorneys, all commissioners HUD, Housing, TIm Bush, operating as Health Human Services, all schools, nurses under Poe Health lobbyist in crime, arrested, CDC for bestiality, and librarians hired as psychotics all states, while assaulting crime victims as ‘national security secrets’ Bush put out for ‘what books people take out,’ while noting their explosions daily and explosives threats to victims and other cases, BOeing, all military, parts, under Bus industries, by narcotics trillions arrests and buyouts, Police commissioners and all military intl.
William Bush, has over 6500 counts, shooting with E Bush as head of national rifle Association, each Bush dental, or bus. as Snipers with Tom Bush operating as Homeland SEcurity, ICE, DEA, ATF, and on millions of others. WIlliam Bush, has over 6500 counts, HSBC wire fraud, mail fraud set up a NEW mortgage with fraud documents, with slander, pohne calls, threats to msyelf and son daily, as the coward ass pathetic criminals, while taking money over and above JOhns income, by his emergencies, daily, from WSFS, with Jeb Bush, Jr. three other mortgage frauds, in my name, illegal, and then sending me the notices later, with checks to them calling JOhn with known memory lapses, that is being why his debts were paid and illegally moved us for the crimes, canceling home contracts and crimes prior to moving.
After discussions with DE state police, police affidavits in (2000) 2003, 2006, 2007, William Bush, continues ijmpersonating Police Communications, arrests of detectives, throughout, operated with Chaffinch, (Kaganovich, others the first called in 2000), arresting and embezzling operating as attorney, as judge, faxing arrests and orders to EMS, police, fire, with Bush contracts for weapons, ACME, Bush ammo, (others stolen, Dunham and Bush owning all weapons), EMS equipment for bombings each state, flooding with army Corp, under pseudo-natural disasters and FEMA Fraud. He then took 15 at the same time, loans, put the same loans for John HOnaker on the felony mortgage, wtih Jeb Bush, CAP Payday loans, and continued assault, libel, slander as threatened, calling security, Bush electric, Bush ‘security,” operating 9-11 and all crime by William Bush, esq., and arresting EMs, FEMA, FBI, Air Force using air force money through airport, via comcast, and operating as Defense attorneys while embezzling state and federal money, and continued wire fraud while just speaking to Detectives again.


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