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Felonies during felony money laundering Johns strokes to present

(same faxes)
Felonies under US codes, banking felonies, money laundering by themselves operating felony banking alone from 2004 to present adding payday loans for John Honaker and his strokes, extortion, threats, violent crimes, FCC to all places via comcast by Robert Bush banking and narcotics trafficking with Bill Clnton and thos

During felony lending, they transfer phone messages to other victims (one phone message of men on car wash to other victim), take files, call from Nemours
10,000 home depreciation already planned, a 6500 mortgage set up felony, with John at work while putting all services, Comcast, electric being operated with life insurance, Death benefits, and attempts premeditated property fraud already in March 2004, Bush Pharma, Robert Bush at local bank, in arrears during 2006, felony credit checks and thousands in cash cards, citi cards, already above his income with five emergencies prior and each year, while calling, slandering me daily ,threats, to present and threats to myself and son to carry out the crimes.

Next to last photo, Alan Bush, operating with Debbie Bush, takes files daily and put this one prior to August 6, 2011, on Alchemy Capital, Inc. India-DE, and out of Nemours, with Debbie Bush, and equipment to Cheswold, Air, Raytheon, Comcast, fire direct signals, to Coker Waste Site with Kerr.

FCC, taking files from threats in 1998 daily with assault, slander and threats to myself and son, Debbie Bush
Robert Bush, operating as WSFS mgt, pay accounts, retirement, with Debbie Bush as HHS, and banking, as nemours

**Debbie Bush, the number on docuemnts, Debbie Bush, and as “population center,” and while calling from ME, NC, arresting the attorney general and others for their crimes, on other phone calls on black phone, ME, NC, and coming in via Cheswold Air, banking and operating direct from banking, nemours with HHS, Healthcare and Bush-Walker judges, Ed Walker Bush, along with calls from AMCOL, and emails by Hayward Walker Bush.

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