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Felonies Premeditated From April FCC felonies and from WSFS to Johns computer with Threats to myself and son continued felony payday loans other lending felonies

15 years and violent crimes charges, all apply, Under US Codes, premeditate, obstructions threatened, banking all crime and arresting all others for it;

Throughout, from threats while computer was online to UD in 1998, and threats by phone, narcotics trafficking by Robert Bush, Frank Genovese, getting all grants with over 400 Bush and Genovese operating as all ‘director’s’ and grants for poisoning, explosives, chemical weapons, plagues, toxins, DOW, Bush Pharma and Reichold (Phillip Meyers my great grandfather, and operating with Meyers family members, with many arrested, murdered) engineering and threats over it and to carry out violent crimes.

continued fraud, attempted murder, and felony lending
April 2011, just after over 50 break downs in his vehicle and some tampering, picking John up, and someone driving him several months out of each year, while the car he (takes from me from 1990 sits there broken more from dementia, while working on the cars ‘each week’ through thousands Robert bush is taking.

Discussions throughout of the remade and stolen (from myself with threats in 1998), automated income and expense, having to be remade and John unable by dementia on lab corp, nonabsorption vitamin B required for memory operated by Alan Bush, and those listed felony banking, and Bill Clinton, (collections, from the New Castle court, in 1996, and CCCS, lawsuits, Frank Genovese, Bush family members, Bill Clinton, loans and mortgage he is unable to plan any time in his name).

Continued daily threats to myself and son, slander, and operating crime from DOJ, Judge Walker Bush, James Bush, Alan Bush, Debbie Bush and banking, August Bush, and death of another Pentagon Employee, chemical weapons expert put in charge of onboard toxins, Raytheon, all ports and cheswold, murdered, and like all other cases of railroading someone, they blew up the building across the street with Bush, Genovese explosives, ammo, and made it into the case that he might have had something to do with it. (Mark Genovese, with Frank Genovese, operating out of Wilmington, WSFS, in the business park, Mark Genovese threats at points, just around from Fire House, car payday loans, jewelry and Pawn, to Kraft with over 50 Genovese, just to continue, threats to get every bit of crime money after paying off Johns loans myself, but a few and the mortgage, to present, from UD labs, while working there, and assaults, shootings on campus with Bush electrical, Bush ammo, and slander using other judges in crime on professors, saving the dumbest who will put up some EPA, Air, or explosions as a ‘mystery’ and another ‘study’ as to what took place.

Mark Genovese, takes without notice or knowing, already HSBC defraud, two more arrangements with mortgage and illegal from 2006, Citi cash cards, added to 2011, with Debbie Bush, Robert bush local WSFS, banking and all lending, lab corp, all emergencies, lung collapses to 2011, eye damage and his eye doctor, operated with Alan Bush and other Bush family members.


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