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Letter from Christine Harris Police Commissioners Meeting

FCC felonies to present 1998 continued under US Codes, signals, Comcast, and file theft during ‘credit checks’ for John daily, thousands in payday loans, checks to them, overdraft fees and attempted murder, threats to myself for frauds all being premeditated, and signals from banking, by Robert Bush, Microwvae, to fire with Bush Bros electric while operating from Microsoft, online, Google offices, media, with falsified material and no money on any day and assault, battery.

All US Codes, remain US Codes, including obstructions, organized crime being to arrest all others for the crime and banking it as court through the prosecutor to present in DE, NY, FL, TX, NC, MO, CA, other states from and to DE, all states; Propaganda is used, and ideologies, satanic judges, or just corrupt and bribery with state and federal money then banked and with businesses illegally from the local bank and loans from it, all being felonies. There is no Cointelpro, operations, or other but the law, and this is why after banking all crime money, victims are still victimized with some hearing and in this case also, with all other victims, one who went before congress, they again use just a ‘hearing’ of propaganda of how it’s aliens, nazis, even satanic unethical science which is the case, but Bush family members are operating them all with Genovese crime family members, including ‘scientology’ and ‘population control’ and ‘new world orders,’ 40 more years daily on victims, and assaults on all other families.

Police Commissioner’s Meeting Speech

Good Evening Honorable Public Representatives. I am Christine Harris, San Francisco resident for 20 years. Self paid college graduate from the University of Oregon, Real Estate Agent, Notary, 12 plus years in medical device sales, and 2004 New York City Marathon runner.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to speak here today. This is the second police commissioners meeting I have attended. The first meeting with all of you was on October 28, 2009. At this meeting I brought up the fact that I have reason to believe that the property managers’ husband, Sergeant Raymond Beazley conspired to send stalkers, and has used a microwave laser directed energy weapon on me in the privacy of my own home at 720 York Street #111, San Francisco, CA, in November 2008.

After the president of the homeowner association received a Notice of Complaint from the Attorney General of California, on August 5, 2008, for not complying with a law, just asking for her contact information, she has taken revenge consistently for nearly a year, and it continues. Her husband works for Jones Day Law Firm. As a result of her revenge, I have been hospitalized twice, all of my organs were burned, and I require daily medical treatments. I still have a hard time grasping all of these evil activities, since I do not believe in revenge, retaliation, or war, but I do believe in justice. I believe that all things can be worked out through communication, cooperation, and collaboration. It has been brought to my attention that I may be one of many that are on a “list”, which consist of being stalked consistently, called organized stalking, or COINTELPRO, wire tapping my phone lines, electronic harassment, illegally towing my car, and part of an MKUltra “experiment” without my consent. The very harmful elements are electromagnetic assault weapons and psychotronics. Russell Tice FBI agent exposed this electronic warfare on Americans, I also have this article.

Jim Guest, state Representative from Missouri is aware of my plight, and the plight of many. I have a letter from him stating our claims.

James Walbert, inventor, out of Wichita, Kansas, won a court case on Electronic Assault Weapons, and organized stalking, December 2008. His court case was then released in Wired.com. Wired Magazine.

Dr. John Hall, anesthesiologist from San Antonio, Texas, just released his book called

A NEW BREED: SATELLITE TERRORISM IN AMERICA. You can find his website at satweapons.com We believe that criminals have illegally been given access to the worlds most powerful technology.

David Lawson, Private Investigator wrote a book called TERRORIST STALKING IN AMERICA, you can download the book at multistalkervictims.org/lawson.htm.

Cheryl Welsh, from Davis, California, is also a victim of these horrific crimes,

and has become an expert in these crimes against humanity, and you can find her

website at mindjustice.org. I am in contact with all of these people, and people

around the world. Sonoma State University, projectcensored.org, has a booklet called

U.S. Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights, you can also download.

We are asking for your assistance in the crimes being committed against thousands

of human beings in the US, and millions within the world. I have been denied any investigations thus far from the police department. We must expose and stop these crimes against humanity. Silence is consent.

Obviously, she, this victim, is in real estate, with all attorneys, mortgages, operated by Genovese crime, HSBC, Citi, with Bank America, Bushes, Clintons an property grabs, direct from the bank, to apartment buildings, all franchises, businesses, and to agencies with Bush businesses, Genovese, directly, funding apartment buildings, and canceled our own home contract for all felonies to present, and during more chemical total blood mixup, nonabsorption vitamin B required for memory, and operating Johns employers (buyout and other employers later again), loans, banking, and chemical testing while moving by his doctor, with Dr. Bushes, operating at Veterans Hospital murders in DE, MO, other states, and John seen at VA for his total inactivity and knees having screws in them coming apart from former injuries during Navy, Vietnam operated by George Bush and all other pay, retirement accounts, and cancellation of home premeditated crimes to assault myself and son, while timing thousands in lending for the fraud to present threatened to be carried out by Dorothy Arpino to myself and son for that reason of operating it already and threats over their crimes from his 1996 strokes and collections, Ruth’s strokes, Arpino in crime over 30 years, and at the time, strokes on my father, 1996, all of them, and he also worked for Boeing 1974, General Motors, Genovese stole from all franchisees, and took bailouts, while he worked even having memory lapses, loss, supposed stokes or ‘mini’ strokes to his death from 1996 to 2009.

All of the senators, Hillary and Bill Clinton, using (others arrested) to funnel money for bombings, weapons, narcotics, and via lobbyists, with Bush family members, and Judge(es), Walker Bush, Bush judges in all states with Judge Walker BUsh felonies to present with Frank Genovese, operating as court, and felonies of organized crime with all judges:

Walker Bush, Alan Bush illegal court felonies with all notary, death benefits crimes, property fraud attempts already premeditated continued with no loans and being felonies, 04, 05, 06, 07, and continued for crimes on myself, felonies on our son, during his father strokes and felonies to present timing thousands in lending and threats, slander since they’re transvestites and their wives as ‘witches’ and only operating poisonings and as physicians, narcotics and child murders, elderly murders and weapons, (arrested also other Genovese family members, murders of them including on Boeing planes, while Frank Genovese, Bush continue the crimes and obstructions)
During this letter, to present, continued and FCC, got 90 years to life, over 400 Bushes operating businesses online, FCC, signals, and from bank to the court illegally, all businesses, with Pharma, medical, foods, and Elecrtric Coops, and Toxins, lab corp, to the court, felonies under US Codes and each state.

Federal witness, and Ruth Chapman, her strokes at age 28, in 1996, Bill Clinton felonies, operating microwave (and set up Clinton weapons, Raytheon also with federal money, operating bombings, narcotics and Clinton Hospitals with narcotics money from arrests all agencies)
Robert Bush, together, HSBC.
FCC violations, all files taken daily, and operating direct signals, Bush Bros, electric, GE, with Frank Genovese operating all from local banking and operating all criminal divisions at the court, crimes directly running out police, crimes on neighbors from state agencies, banking crimes also, property frauds and grabs, with billions narcotics and bombing money via fire house (arrested org crime fire directors, and banking their federal and state pay accounts, hired in bribery, embezzlement for up to 15,000, gambling money, and setting fires, other crimes, narcotics sentenced for, and wrapped up all directors each state to present with ambulance drivers, and crimes by Bushes using fire department, other ambulance temporarily hired during 04, to 08, Robert Bush using direct signals on victims of crime and for air Raytheon assaults, air bombing piracy, just as in Iraq on victims of crime, and Canada, Russia, Indian, S America, using them here) as is the case.


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