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OTP Office of International Court

Head at OTP bribed and with Genvoese, operating with ACLU director, and former FBI murderer, Mike German, assistant to ACLU director, along with Sotameyer in DE, put on Supreme Court, ilegal with Judge Walker Bush operating (other Bush judges and Walker bush) state to state in org crime and during the crimes in DE to Supreme court. During 2007, the OTP, was contacted and letters are in files, regarding violent crimes, premeditated, and threats daily, phone calls, to myself, Susan Cameron Honaker, threats to falsify material, while timing felony banking, a Mortgage defraud, and no money on any day but once for groceries and on banking felonies, credit checks for John Honaker, Robert bush operating the bank account, with Frank Genovese, 1989 to 1996 and to 2000 with felonies of heatlhcare, insurances, with Bush Genovese Pharma and lab corp, drug stores, Johns strokes and threats to myself to 2011 daily, and over five other women, other victims. Already felonies, and operating it from local bank wsfs, and all services, comcast, are felonies under US Codes, all premeditated with and during reports to police to 2011, with political donations, and all persons used, given LLC businesses, with Genovese Drug stores, Bush Pharmceuticals, judges with Bush Bros Construction, Bush and Genoevse crime operating as UHS and threats over it to begin with. ALl persons used in child porn and trafficking, murders, with Bush transvestites and their gay ‘witch’ wives child murders, elderly murders, BUsh pharma for school kids, all Bush Bros major Foods, and Genovese, out of Nemours, with 50,000 tons of toxins and lab corp, all retirement funds in Bush, Alan Bush, other Bush, Genovese toxins, chemicals, out of nemours.

Other files, these files for reference, other federal witnesses with the organized crime, all premeditated, and at all places, where Bushes carried out crimes, each day, during felony banking, and operating premeditated with Walker Bush, Frnak Genovese, nullifying the court, using the court for notary crimes, they operated child murders, and crimes at schools, all places, YMCA, while carrying out violent crimes, AND slander on myself, then slander on john during his strokes to 2011, from 1996 and you will go to jail, and slander daily while timing no money at all and threats. Arrests of HSBC employees, Frank Genovese, operating banking, AMES, GE, loans, Bank America, HSBC from 1989 to 1996, strokes, lab corp, and life insurance, all discussions and surveillance, of Johns condition known and all felonies to present, using the court for over 50 violent crimes, felonies while arresting all persons, including arresting a judge, police while dismissing their case and erasing files, already being felonies operating organized crime with judge Walker Bush, each Bush, Robert Bush, Alan Bush operating businesses, banking and as court also.


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